pageBuzz Website Hosting System Features

Page Building Tools

Every website is 100% e-commerce enabled and includes EVERY FEATURE we offer. There are no extra services to buy. You get everything we have for $20 a month, no tricks, no bull!

Imagine typing a page and as soon as you click the save button that page is available to millions of readers. WoW is right! But that is what the Internet is all about. However, it has always been difficult and expensive to build and maintain pages. Now, its Easy, Cheap and Fun. Try out our demo today!

pageBuzz Site Builder - Unique tools for building your pages such as our award winning webpage editor allow anyone to manage their pages from any computer. Get help from a family member or fiend half way across the country, as you both access the same pages and work together. Unmatched and Unbelievable!

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Page Editors - There are currently 6 unique editors, the simple edit, drag and drop edit, basic edit, advanced edit, html edit and the wysiwyg pro. Each editor has it's own unique features and offers editing based on different skill levels. The basic editor will do all of the common functions without much confusion even for a novice while the wysiwyg pro offers css support, division building and layering. We have tried to meet the market by allowing you to use any of the editors at any time keeping them all compatible but available based on experience and knowledge. There is no experience necessary to use the basic editors but an experienced webmaster can easily use the professional editor to upgrade a page to a professional standard.

Simple Page Editor - This is a throwback to the early days of the Internet with simple fill in the box page building. Select a style, fill in the boxes, add some pictures and save. Less flexibility, but quite fast and efficient for quick page building. Pages can be edited further with the standard editors to expand or build more complex pages later.

Drag & Drop Webpage Editor - The drag and drop editor is unique and developed exclusively by This editor makes building pages easier than ever. Just insert a picture and drag it to a position on the page. Add text areas, borders and other effects. No need to know any more than where you want items on the page.

Standard HTML Editors - Before CSS and the advancements of javascript in web browsers all websites were purely HTML based and most still are as that is the standard. So the primary editors are HTML WYSIWYG style editors that are more limited than the newer drag and drop technology we have created. But they still serve as the foundation for most website editing and offer more advanced functionality over the drag and drop technology.

Add - Remove - Rename Pages - Using the online tools you can add, remove or rename a page as easily as typing the name in a box and saving. Pages are automatically added, links are added on the main menu and you have instant access to edit the page. When removed or renamed the process is just as simple.

Page Linking Tool - Link to any page, website or file on the Internet by just highlighting the text, clicking the link tool and typing the address you want to link to. Linking to facebook, a friends website or your own pages is that easy.

Page Navigation Menus

Button Generator - Our online button generator allows you to update all the buttons on your website with one click. Build new buttons for new pages, change colors and appearance, choose from diverse font collection and styles. pageBuzz is the only online website building solution with this awesome tool.

Button Effects - Click and create effects for menu buttons such as depressing into the page, move in and out or up and down or become transparent when clicked.

CCS Menu Button Builder - Build simple and clean css menus just by choosing options for each effect. Set colors, borders, hover and link effects using the simple configuration tool. Advanced users can even edit the css menu file further to get a unique look.

Deluxe CSS Menu Builder - This new feature is a WYSIWYG interface for the simple CSS menu builder with some additional upgrades. You use slide bars and color selectors to change widths, borders, colors, ad headings, set text alignment and see a preview in realtime on the same page. This is an amazing menu builder that is simple to use that builds complex roll over menus in seconds.

Deluxe Drop Down Menu Builder - Everyone wants a multi level drop down menu but they have no idea how they work, what to link to or how to build one. We have a tool that is drag and drop. Just drag the buttons into rows the way you want them and save. Go back later and move buttons, change text or addresses for quick and easy updates.

Templates , Layouts and Titlespaces

- The Templates are OUT DATED and have been Replaced with Newer Layout Builders & Titlespace Galleries and will likely be removed in the future -

Preset Templates - We provide a complete template gallery with more than 1000 designs, 5000 backgrounds, 3000 buttons, 3000 titlespace images, 20,000 fonts and much more.

Deluxe Custom Layout Builder - Now we are getting away from providing preset templates and layouts by giving you tools to build your own custom layouts. Using simple slide bars and color selectors you can set menu location, background colors, border widths and other options. A real time preview of the page layout lets you see exactly what you are doing before you save the settings.

Super Deluxe Layout Builder - The Super Deluxe Layout builder is similar to the main layout builder but offers many more options such as: using menus in multiple locations, menu placement, background images, border positions and styles as well as more page blocks or divs for content.

Advanced webmasters have full access to the HTML and CSS to further modify the code created by the builders or to just use their own created from outside tools.

Titlespace Gallery - Nearly 3000 unique themed titlespaces that can be further edited using the online tools. Choose a title image that fits your business and colors and add your logo, business name or contact information using any of the titlespace editing tools. These titlespaces fit into any of the preset layouts or any layout created using the deluxe layout builder.

New Titlespace Gallery - A growing collection of title images that can be delivered in any size from 600 to 1200 pixels wide for more flexible page widths and designs.

Advanced Titlepace Editor - There are 3 unique titlespace editors depending on your skill level. Of course you always have the option of using outside software as well to build titlespace images and upload them. The advanced editor is the most powerful with multiple layers, drag and drop in place editing and resizing.

Animated Titlespace - The top of every page allows for an animated title image. Just choose the animated option, upload multiple photos and the top of your page will display them in a rotation taking your site from a static design to an animated and fun look. The advanced website title editor can also be used to create different images or changing text to be used in an animated website title.

Title & Banner Generator - In most cases you would need to have expensive software such as photoshop to build a title or banner for your website. However, at pageBuzz, its already handled in your web tools. After choosing one of the over 1000 templates you can customize the existing design with your own company name, text or message. Simply choose the text, font, colors and styles and click the build button. The new Jpeg image is added to your website template immediately. Change the image as often as you like, use the tool to build banners for outside advertising and banner exchanges.


Stock Images and Clipart - Use any of the over 10,000 clipart images or extensive photo galleries, thousands of titlespace images, hundreds of customizable forms, business cards and much more. Use what you like or upload your own. You are never limited to what we provide. The entire website package is complete with graphic designs and clipart but you always have the option and are encouraged to add your own designs and images.

Drop and Drag Image Adding - pageBuzz has developed a unique tool for adding images to pages. By displaying thumbnails of all your images and employing click, drag and drop technology into our editor, you can move pics into pages easier than ever before.

Image Manager - Add hundreds of photos to your image gallery online. The images are then available to be used in your pages and you build. Your entire collection is displayed via thumbnail pages for easy editing.

Image Editing Tools Online - Use online tools to create special effects with images. Add drop shadows, frames, borders, edge effects, rotate, crop and even add text or watermarks. All right on the web site builder which is compatible with all major web browsers.

Fonts - Choose from over 20,000 fonts on your buttons and images. Download any of the fonts to your own computer and include the same look in your own documents and print advertising.

Random Image Display - Display random images on your pages selected from your products. Each time a visitor views your page you can display photos and links to other products that you want to make them aware of.

Business and Marketing Tools

Business Card Builder - is the only website builder that has a business card creator built in. Use preset designs or make your own and print your own business cards directly from your website. Produce printable PDF files in high quality for print. Great tool when you need cards fast and don't want to buy 1000 or more a a time.

Search Engine Submission - Use the search engine submission tools to advertise your website to ALL search engines quickly and effectively. Specify the keywords you want to be indexed for and we submit them for you on a daily basis.

e-mail Forwarding - Having e-mail addressed to is critical to your business image. But managing e-mail from several accounts is just plain difficult. We provide an easy interface that allows you to redirect mail to any account. Manage mail for employees or business associates. Add, update and redirect new mail accounts in minutes.

Website Stats - Knowing how many people are using your website is the most important information you can get from your website. How effective your marketing is and what is working will lead you into a successful online marketing campaign. Website stats will show you where visitors come from and what they are looking at when they get there. You will get a detailed breakdown

e-Commerce & Specialty Programs

Shopping Cart - Paypal Compliant shopping and payment system. Simple to manage inventory, sales and customers. Add items individually or import up to 2500 items from a database. Secure checkout using Paypal or your own merchant account. Complete affiliate marketing system with automated user logins and real time sales stats and commissions. Full commission tracking with payouts exportable or in printable lists. Our shopping cart is one of the most advanced web carts available online and has been tested and improved over millions of retail sales.

Affiliate Datafeed Webstore - Using a datafeed supplied by Commission Junction, Shareasale or Google's Affiliate Network you can upload the data and have a complete webstore with up to 2000 products. Shoppers are redirected to the merchant's website where the purchase is made.

Classified Ad System - Run a classified, charge for placing photo ads or text ads. Create your own categories and subcategories, auto posting and expire or manually review and edit ads. Collect automated payments with your standard paypal account.

Automotive Dealer Management System- Automotive dealers can manage their website inventory using our content management system. This is an incredible system that has been built exclusively for car dealers and offered at our same low hosting price. Build and customize galleries of cars for sale, sold cars, inventory or cars on consignment. This is a detailed management system with more to offer and at one tenth the cost of our competitors.

Real Estate Broker or Agents Websites - Realtors can have a complete website with easy to use tools for adding properties to pages, uploading photos and giving a detailed online profile for each property. Tools developed just for selling homes make the pages 100% professional and simple to manage. Just fill in some forms, click on the pics you want to upload and you have a complete gallery of your properties for sale in minutes. Use all of the other tools you need to build informative pages excelling your business online with a top producer website.

Rental Availability Calendar - This website feature allows anyone that offers vacation rentals or other services to display availability calendars on their pages. A single calendar listing all items or single calendars on individual pages showing just that item. This program is popular with vacation rental websites or any service that uses full day bookings.

Ratings & Reviews Program - Allows anyone to run a user generated content review website. Just add the main products, websites, movies, restaurants etc for review and let customers post their reviews. Rated from 1 to 5 stars with running averages, editing and management tools and advanced security features.

Custom Database - Create a database of 2500 records with up to 30 fields each. Fully searchable at the website level and fully customizable output pages. Create 2500 custom data driven pages, let customers search for product data or general information.

Subscription Area - If you have information to sell, real estate lists, data that is updated regularly or little known information, you can create a secure area and charge a regular access fee to view that data.

Programs Ready To Go

Add any or all of the following programs to any page. They are already preinstalled in your website! Just waiting for you to use them. You wont find a better selection of programs anyplace else.

Photo Gallery - Add up to 2500 photos (shared with the shopping cart) and create a simple photo gallery with thumbnails and descriptions.

Paypal Ready Shopping Cart - sell items using one of the industry standards in shopping cart systems. Maintain and manage invoices and sales right from your website. Secure credit card processing using your own merchant account or paypal.

Slide Show - Add an animated slide show to your website that automatically transitions through images that you have uploaded. Great way to show off any product or service without building an online video. Simple tool lets you make impressive animations.

Deluxe Slideshow Builder - Another drag and drop interface that lets you build up to 50 custom slideshows for your pages. Just drag pics into the order you want them to appear, choose transitions and time delay and save. Very easy to use, no photo limit. Works with small pictures or large pictures and adds a dynamic appeal to otherwise static pages.

Carosel Slideshow Builder - This cool up to date slide show builder lets you display photos that rotate in a 3D style from the back of the page to the from appearing to grow in size as they approach the front. It is a neat look ad a great presentation of images with the ability to add text titles and links to content pages.

Content Slider Tool - Create up to 10 pages of content, videos, text, images or whatever you want and display them in an automated or manually activated content slider. This is a great tool to add large amounts of content to a home page while keeping the design simple and clean.

Calendar - Display a calendar of your appearances, events, availability or schedules. Let visitors browse through months to see where you have been and where you will be.

Guest Book - Allow visitors to post a message and comment about your website after visiting.

Posting Board / Forum - Run a discussion forum for any topic and allow visitors to post messages on your page. Manage posts, members and ban unwanted users, you have complete control of the board.

Members Area - Sell access to a protected members area. Give paying members access to inside information or resources. Or allow your dealers or clients access to wholesale pricing information or news that is not for general audiences.

Feedback Forms - build forms that collect input and e-mail the results to you. Gather information from clients or get feedback on your website design. Use as contact forms or reservation forms. Forms also included on the secure server when privacy is required.

Deluxe Form Builder - This drag and drop form building interface allows anyone to build complex forms without understanding how they work. Just add a field such as a text box, text area, radio button or select box and type in the question or information you are requesting. Go back and edit the form later, add fields or rearrange the order. Simple to use, no programming or complex codes to understand, the form automatically docks with a web program to email you information or store it in a back end database.

Site Search - Allow visitors to search all the pages on your website from one form.

Miscellaneous Programs & Widgets

Web Ring - operate a webring of your own. Manage all ring traffic and who you allow to participate.

Loan Calculator - Allow visitors to calculate potential loan payments.

Address Book - keep address and contact information for clients or family in your web database giving you remote access to all records.

Bible - Include the entire Bible on your website. Search or read by chapter, great for Christian sites or Religious sites.

CookBook - a searchable cookbook with over 60,000 recipes. Great for any website involving food or cooking.

Baby Name Search - Find names for a new baby using a database of over 15,000 names with origin and meanings.

Widgets - Add widgets such as calculators, games or converters using our simple widget codes.

More... more programs are available and new programs are added as often as possible. If we do not have it installed, just ask and maybe we can. See our programming updates for additions and improvements.

Advanced Features for Webmasters and Developers

Advanced Page Inclusions - Advanced page inclusions allow you to copy and paste html code into one form and have it appear on all the pages of your website. Spaces at the top, bottom and the menu are provided to allow simple adding of google ads, affiliate banners or advertisement that need to be changed quickly and frequently.

Custom Template Upload - Advanced users and developers will find a playground of advanced tools they can use. Update html templates for many of the features that allows small snippets of code rather than an entire website design. Complete website templates can be created as well and uploaded and changed in one click. Any design is possible. If you can think it up and build it, you can upload it.

URL Redirects - Redirect fictitious urls to other pages or other websites. Create custom tiny urls and send people to affiliate deep links or even your own pages.

Programming Note: All of the programs available have been developed based on feedback from our hosting clients. We continue to upgrade and develop all the programs regularly. Programs like the shopping cart have been under development for many years with millions of end users. The result is a simple interface that is almost 100% cross browser and operating system compatible with an extremely powerful back end that anyone can manage.

You wont find many programs that go though the development and testing that ours do. And you wont find many shopping carts that can boast the volume of sales that ours has over the years. Most of all, you wont find any for under $20 a month that even come close.

We continue to develop new programs and features as well as improve on what we have. Using pageBuzz is like hiring a development team to keep your website technology up to date but not having to pay anyone. With the high cost of technology our inexpensive, simple to use, feature rich hosting system is a breath of fresh air in a stale and complicated industry.


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