The pageBuzz Drag and Drop Web Page Editor

We are extremely proud of our drag and drop editor, not only because we built it and it no other company has anything even close, but mostly because it is just so fun and easy to use. Check out the demo video we have created to show you how simple it can be to build and edit your own website pages.

The traditional method of editing websites is using HTML based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors that make it easier to arrange elements of a web page. But they require tables and have very limited abilities as far as placement of elements.

Adding a picture using the old editors requires you to create a table then set the sizes of cell, set positions, padding and other elements to get the picture located where you wanted it in the page. If you need something else next to it, you have to completely change the design, change the table to add a new cell, change all the elements because now the picture has moved relative to the new cell...... OH MY GOSH! Most people usually just give up at that point.

  • With our Drag and Drop editor it is all very simple.

  • Just drag the picture where you want it and save the page.

You can add text and drag that where you want it. Add picture next to or overlapping other pictures which is just not possible with traditional editors.

We needed a way for our customers to compete with the the professional webmasters and build pages that only took a few minutes instead of a few hours.

When we created he online Drag & Drop Website Editor we nailed it!

The drag and drop editor is amazing and once you use it and lean some of the tricks you will never use anything else.

Our customers have been able to build and maintain amazing websites with no experience and no help. No expensive webmaster fees or waiting for a webmaster to make changes.

Using Drag and Drop to build a website is as easy as it gets.

Our Competitors

Some companies have tried to duplicate our technology using systems like FLASH. Unfortunately those flash websites are completely invisible to the search engines. So while they are easy to build, nobody can find them and they are mostly useless for anything serious like ecommerce or business.

Others have created ready to go websites with text that you can change. For example, you might be able to add your company name, phone number or address but nothing more.

Most of the online website builders fall short and only allow certain things in certain places. Some even limit the actual pages you can have, so if the 5 pages they named are not what you wanted, tough luck.

Our Direction With Web page Building

Our focus has always been on functional websites and less about getting the ultimate designs. Who cares how great something looks if it does not work?

After all, the idea of having a business is to make money. No real business owner would give up making money to have a better looking website. Or if they do, they probably wont be in business for very long.

But with the pageBuzz D&D (drag and drop) system you can have both. Complex eye popping designs and very functional pages and programs.

We feel we have mastered page building for our customers. We have built around the people that had no page building skills and didn't even understand how to use their computer. We developed tools that even they would be able to use.

You think building pages is hard?

Think again. Because with the pageBuzz system it is truly as easy as point and click.

The demo video above tries to demonstrate how easy it is to build a web page. Using images you provide, just clicking and adding them to the pages. Add some text and you have an instant web page.

Learning From Our Mistakes

What we have learned in the last decade of developing website building tools is that no two people are the same. Everyone has a different idea, a different approach and different needs or expectations.

So the practice of building one design that makes everyone happy is just impossible. While our competitors try to build ready to go websites, we work with each customer to create something unique that they like and fits their personality.

Having flexible tools like the drag and drop editor are critical to the process. Because everyone wants something different. And the other web page builders just don't allow that freedom.

Drag & Drop Features

The "Deluxe Drag & Drop" website editor has many features and while they are not as advanced as software like Adobe Dream weaver it will provide most of the elements our customers need in their web page.

  • Add Images

  • Add Text Areas

  • Add Video & Audio Files

  • Change Background Color

  • Add Borders & Control Colors

  • Add Spacing Between Borders & Elements

  • Change the layer position, bring to front over elements

  • Delete Elements

  • Change Page Size

  • Control Border Styles, dotted, dashed, solid

  • Control Border Position bottom, top, left, right

While that may be a fraction of the options professional webmasters use in Dream weaver, our customers will never need to set classes or div id values. Our customers will not need to customize css files and add javascript elements to pages.

If they do, they can certainly use program like Dreamweaver and upload the files rather than using our editors online. So there is really never any limit on a websites design.

The tools and features offered by our basic drag and drop editor are more than enough to build amazing pages. The process is simple and fast.

There are effects that more advanced programs can achieve with complex coding and tools, but many of those effects can be created using graphics editors or our own online drag and drop image editor.

But splitting functions between tools it makes it easier to understand and mange pages.

So while we could add elements in the drag and drop page editor to add shadows to images, we would rather have the users add the shadows to the image files and insert them into the pages using a very simplified tool.

The entire process is about making tools that are not only functional but understandable as well.

Anyone that has no experience and tries to use a program like Adobe Dreamweaver will be lost, confused and quickly get upset. So while we could build something that complex online, it does not make any sense why we would.

Our solution is one that has evolved over more than 10 years while working with customers trying to understand their level of understanding and build tools that they can use to quickly and easily manage pages online.

The end result is the drag and drop editor you see today in our website management console.

For The Future Evolution of Drag & Drop

We are already developing a new "Super Deluxe Drag & Drop Webpage Editor" which has more features and will accommodate more advanced users. We are adding new ideas ad new concepts made possible by new advances in browser standards.

As technology changes, so do the tools we can offer at As web browsers become more functional we can up the game in website design both in the tools and end product.

Unlike our competitors that have survived with the same product over the life of their business, ours changes regularly and evolves as technology evolves.

We can promise you, that when new ideas and abilities are available, we will add that functionality to the tools here at while always keeping in mind, our users don't want to learn how to use complex new software when they go back to edit their pages.


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