About The Cyber Web, Inc

We are not a new company just because you have not heard of us yet. We are just smaller than web.com, godaddy.com, 1and1.com, network solutions or quickbooks and Homestead. That's right, we are the ones not running Suprebowl commercials.

The Cyber Web, Inc is a Florida corporation formed in 2001 as an Internet hosting business. The corporation was formed 4 years after the initial website thecyberweb.com was built and DBA was filed back in 1997.

Our Experience in the Internet is vast and far reaching having been here long before most people ever even had computers in their homes. So we were building websites before anyone even knew what a website was.

While we have remained small we also have been successful and rock solid as a company as our customers have come and gone.

Our entry into the "Do It Yourself" sitebuilder market is late 2003 started with BumblebeeWorks.com which was quickly replaced with pageBuzz.com in 2005 when we realized our initial programming wire frame did not support the development and growth our customers would need going forward.

While we have maintained thousands of our own websites our primary focus is pageBuzz.com and the "Do It Yourself Website Hosting".

We operate bumblebeesales.com as our primary affiliate program and interface for our thousands of independent sales agents. Payments are made each week in this lucrative program for customer referals.

We also run many websites as marketing tools, for example buzztrader.com and craftersbuzz.com, two of our earliest and very successful advertising websites.

Buzztrader.com is a free automotive classified where car dealers can add their inventory and even feed that to their own website for free. It has allowed us to develop a full used car dealer website hosting system on pageBuzz through years of trial and error working with thousands of car dealers to create the tools they wanted and needed online.

Similarly, crafterbuzz.com is a free classified for artists and crafters which brought masses of small artists to our hosting platform. Again working with thousands of independent crafters gave us a great insight into the tools and resources they needed to run their online businesses.

We remain very strong today in both markets as well as many others by using outside websites to build customers and an understanding of their needs unique to their market.

We have remained small because we like the personal interaction with our customers, the ability to develop programs for them and lean from their experiences. We can stay closer to the front line and make changes quickly to meet evolving trends in areas such as social media or video marketing.

We have had opportunities to go big and turned them down because we are happy being a pageBuzz.com and we don't need to have thousands of employees like our biggest competitors. We prefer working with our family and only a handful of great employees.

We feel the customers get lost when the company is all about making money, they usually forget about actually providing a great service.

We would rather focus on our service and have happy and loyal customers than a company that only sees the bottom line profit.

Don't get me wrong, we want the profit as well, but we make more than enough money for our lifestyle.

But don't think because we are small that we are working out of the trunk of our car or our parents basement.

We have our own private enterprise level datacenter with dedicated fiber optic lines. We are able to update and change hardware on a regular schedule. We have millions of dollars invested in hardware and software, a huge intellectual property portfolio and a very strong and popular brand. We have all the resources we need to compete on the same level as all the big boys and girls.

But our products and services are much better than the big companies.

We have more technology and our producta are more in line with client needs. We are not a profit driven company, so even if we lose money developing technology we don't care as long as the customer gets what they need. Our competitors look only at programs that earn money and that makes their service much weaker than ours.

We prefer slow steady growth and having a solid foundation, working with each customer one on one, and honestly, we like hearing how great we are and how much our customers depend on us.

All the Thank You's and warn comments from our customers go a long way and make everything we have done worth it. We would never want to give that up just to make a few extra dollars each week.

So we will continue to grow slowly, always keeping in mind that the customer comes first and never lose sight of who actually pays our bills.


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