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Nobody has ever accused of being a traditional website hosting company. In fact, they usually say we are no good, we don't have ftp access, we don't have all the old tools that clunky old webmasters are used to using.

Well, we have some bad news for those grumpy old webmasters, THINGS CHANGE!

Are you still loading clunky old VCR tapes into your RCA TUBE style TV at night? No, you click on HULU or NetFlix and watch whatever you want.

Do you still run home to check the tape in your reel to reel answering machine to check important messages, probably not. Because you give people your cell phone number.

First you had telegraphs with miles of wire to send beeps and clicks, then phones, then pagers, wow was that great or what? Now everyone has a cell phone, even kids. Phones even have video recorders, GPS tracking, Internet access and email.

So why are all the webmasters stuck back in the 1990's with pagers and video tapes?

Technology is just part of daily life. Things become more convenient, easier to use and even more powerful.

That is what is happening online with websites as well. As more and more companies build their websites online the process gets better and easier.

You don't need to have a webmaster anymore. You have your how computer and you know how to use it. So use it to build your website and stop listing to webmasters that are already dinosaurs.

pageBuzz has taken all the slack and heat because we are the innovators but now everyone is trying to copy us and our products.

You see TV commercials about building your own website from Godaddy, 1and1 and , do it yourself now, it is easy.... but we have been saying that for the last decade while everyone else was still carrying around pagers in their fanny packs.

The new online website builders are here to stay and have widely replaced the traditional hosting models where the website was built on one computer owned by a overpaid webmaster.

So while it is true we do not offer traditional tools, we do not offer all the security holes and problems associated with those mega hosting unlimited offers. We don't have websites and severs offline because some 16 year old installed a video game in his website. Or websites that can't be changed because the webmaster lost his copy when his personal computer crashed. No we don't get to enjoy any of those bonuses here at

We also don't see many people in their driveways crank starting their cars in the morning or using a rotary dial phone to make calls.

We are part of the evolution of website hosting and you can get on board and take advantage of the tools or just let another great opportunity pass you by.

How long did you wait before you got a website? Probably too long to take advantage of the easy pickings and massively easy customer acquisitions that existed in the early days. You missed out. You blew it.

Are you going to let some clunky old webmaster tell you that the latest and greatest is just no good, again?

Wake up and stop being the last one on board. And tell those old fashioned webmasters, you don't need them anymore, you are taking control. I bet that will feel great!

Hosting websites at pageBuzz is easy and Fun

Today most people spend more time on social sites, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc than they do socializing with real people. Today people count friends in the thousands rather than on their fingers.

People understand how to use the web, make changes to pages and update all sorts of things.

So don't let some webmaster tell you that you don't know what you are doing. Tell them to get lost and do it yourself.

What do you need?

  • A Domain name $12.95/year

  • Website Hosting $20/month

  • Internet Access & a Computer

It really is that simple. Anyone can access Facebook and update their page. Why does a website need to be more complicated than that?

Anyone can access ebay, sell products and upload pictures, write descriptions. Why would a website be any more complicated than that?

This is really more about us creating software that people can use rather than webmasters creating websites that people can't use.

I would say that would be a difficult battle for a small company like pageBuzz, but with bigger companies now doing the exact same thing I think those clunky old webmaster built websites have seen better days.


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