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Being a website hosting reseller in todays market is about one of the most challenging things you can undertake. While the rewards can be huge, the competition is just insane and the pricing is just impossible to match. With everyone offering everything for pennies a month how do you even get started?

But the real truth is, those too good to be true offers do not fill the needs of the masses. People need simple to use content managements systems, ready to go shopping carts and the least amount of hassle to build a website. If they have to learn how to do it, learn html, css, ftp and php, they just will never do it. has found a market that everyone else has ignored. The do it yourself business/website owner.

We realized that people will pay a little more to have a better product and that being the cheapest is not always the best way to get sales. While there is always a market for cheap products there is always a market for a better product that offers better tools, easier to understand page building and more complete programs.

If you think offering someone 5000 email addresses, 500 FTP accounts and unlimited bandwidth will get you customers, you are wrong. Most people, well over 90%, don't even know what that means.

If you are going to resell cars you want to sell something that people want, but if they can buy it cheaper on every street corner you are done before you even get started. Where as if you sell a better car for the same price you will clean up and retire young.

That is what offers. A better way of building and managing a website without all the cpanel, FTP, HTML, CSS, PHP and blah blah blah. A simple to use and more direct way to manage a website with cleaner interfaces, better programs and understandable help pages and videos. A system easy enough for the novice to use and powerful enough for top developers.

Yes, it costs more than the bargain discount companies, but the technology, the back end hardware and software are nothing like what the other companies offer. It is miles above the competition in every way.

Imagine if you only sold Cubic Zirconium. Sure it is cheap, but then why do people buy real diamonds?

If you think cheaper is better you will never make money reselling. You will always cut your price to compete and reach margins that are impossible to maintain. Servers will crash, you will lose customers and your business will dry up because you are always looking at the bottom line rather than reaching for the sky.

We need good quality resellers, that understand cheap is not they path to success. We need good people that will support their customers and build a strong income base for themselves and us as well. We are committed to working with you, providing tools and programs that you and your customers need.

We work very closely with our resellers to keep them moving forward and keep technology on the cutting edge. While we do provide our own retail hosting we do it at the same price point as the resellers so there is never anyone under cutting your price. You never have to worry about customers jumping ship to save money because nobody will offer what you do for less.

We have found at a higher price point we have more stable customers and tend to attract real businesses rather than the get rich quick people and social network wannabes. We focus on e-commerce to provide the tools needed by businesses and avoid the tools such as "be your own facebook or myspace".

Our resellers tend to be professional webdevelopers, computer service providers, IT consultants and business professionals rather than high school kids getting a VPS for $20 and reselling space for $5 a month. Our reseller's customers depend on their websites and are more than willing to pay for a better infrastructure, better speed, reliability and dependability.

Our focus is in quality and not quantity. We are better and need resellers that fully understand what we have and what it is really worth and not trying to compete with companies that offer discount low end hosting. If you don't understand that all hosting systems are not the same then pageBuzz is not for you. But if you need a better product for your customers then you have found a home.

If you decide that is a good fit for some or all of your customers we will be happy to work with you as a reseller.

Reseller Requirements

As a reseller you are required to have one website at $19.99 a month as your primary website. This will provide a website with all of your management tools and a place for you to get signups and provide the details of your service.

This is a privately labeled system, so you are fully responsible for collecting fees, providing support and working with your own customers.

You must maintain a minimum of 5 clients to maintain your reseller status. We will give you ample time to get up to 5 clients so you don't need 5 to get started. If 5 seems like a lot, then you probably don't want to be a reseller. We expect most resellers to have 50 or more clients at which time you will see a significant drop in the cost per client.

To get started you will pay about 50% or $9.99 each month for each client website. As your numbers increase there are price breaks that can bring you down as low as $4.99 per account leaving $15.00 per month profit per account at the standard hosting price. The first price break is when you reach 50 clients.

We welcome everyone even if you only plan on having 10 clients, that is fine. Just understand the costs per website will be higher for you than the resellers with 200 clients.

Your policy and customers must abide by the terms of service of pageBuzz. So if you create your own terms, they cannot allow something that we do not. Such as, illegal activities, porn or scams and phishing sites. These activities are abundant on discounts hosts but we do not need the headaches or liability they impose on a network.

Otherwise, it is your business to run as you wish. We have resellers that offer services on multiple outside networks so they can provide outside hosting with FTP access or VPS accounts. We do not restrict what you advertise as there is no association with your business and other than you knowing that you are reselling our hosting.

This is not a plug in and go system, you have to build your main website, get customers and then manage them. If you are looking for the easy route, try our affiliate program which pays almost $150 per sign up.

The reseller program is designed for people that have a good IT background and wish to build a solid recurring base of customers. It is highly profitable and rewarding compared to other reseller programs and the customer retention is 10 times higher than the discount hosting services.

It is a huge opportunity and a partnership between pageBuzz and yourself. We see you as a priority client and you will have direct 24 hour access to us 7 days a week.

As our business transitions from one of direct client hosting to 100% resellers we will develop new systems, payment and billing interfaces and programs. Our goal is to build the most successful network online with your help. That means you will have the best hardware, the best software, the best support, the best technology that money can buy and you can hand that to your customers as being your own product.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, contact us directly and we can chat about the program and set you up with an account. We do not have a signup form we are not opeing hundreds of new resellers each week. This is a low volume business and we like to get to know the people who are selling services on our network. As the last page of info states, we are not the typical website host and we just don't have a signup and get rich form for resellers. If you are serious, give us a call.


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