WYSIWYG Editors at pageBuzz.com

At pageBuzz you are not limited to our Drag and Drop tools. We also have traditional editors for those hard headed webmasters that refuse to embrace the newer technology or for instances where the drag and drop editing does not offer the flexibility needed for a page. These editors have also been the bread and butter for our system for many years before Drag and Drop tools were not supported by the web browsers.

We have 3 basic WYSIWYG Editors from our Basic to the Advanced and even the Professional Editor. While these types of editors are available on many sitebuilders besides pageBuzz, we have made some important upgrades and changes that make them much easier to use.

Upgrades including display of hidden borders, inserting images from galleries through thumbnails, inserting video and audio files and integrating the edited section into existing page templates make our versions that much better than anything else on other systems.

The tool bar on the basic editor is just that very basic and has very few features. This makes the editor simple to use and does not overwhelm the user with tools they just don't understand.

The tool bar on the Advanced WYSIWYG Editor has almost the same look but has expanded options such as link targets, alt text, inserting tables and advanced table tools. Most uses will be lucky to add a link to a page, so most people will never be defining advanced HREF properties in the links. But some users do have an advanced understanding of HTML and do need the extra features offered by the Advanced editor.

For the Professional Users we have the WYSIWYG PRO Editor. This is more like the windows based programs professionals use allowing DIV's and relative and absolute positioning properties and external style sheets. But with extra features you get much more complexity and the editor is beyond the use of most users. So we recommend that users stick with the basic tools or the Drag and Drop tools.

Let's take a quick look at the options offered in each editor for creating a simple link.

The average users will be happy to link to a page or file, nothing complex. With the basic editor, you have one value to enter, the url or address of the page you want to link to. It is simple and easy to understand.

Now with the advanced editor, you can select files or pages from a browse option, add in a target for frames, windows or tabs, and easily add either http or mailto protocols, still relatively simple to use.

With the PRO Editor it is a whole new ball game. With extensive options that only professional webmasters will understand. Most users would never know what to do with all of the link options but professionals will and they can alter link behavior, target locations, class values and much more.

The point is, whatever your skill level is, we have the tools you need. While most of our users will stick with the Basic Editor and the Drag and Drop Editor we have all the tools for professionals as well so you are never limited in what you can build or accomplish with the pageBuzz webpage editors.

At pageBuzz website hosting we do not believe there is any one tool that will suit every user or do every job, so we try to provide as many options as possible. We have no wish to limit users in any way and if it is possible to add new tools we do that, each time our system gets better and better.

Most hosts with online website management systems offer one way to edit pages or pages that have limited areas which can be edited. We offer complete flexibility for developers and webmasters to incorporate dynamic templates just like the professional companies use, as well as simple tools for the average person.

We have tried to make sure that anyone could edit their website and run their business online. Based on our users comments and feedback we have done that very well.

The advanced webmaster can quickly build and manage amazing websites and so can the local plumber that needs to add products and prices to his website at the end of a long day in the field.

No matter what your skill level or experience we have the tools you need to edit your pages and run your website.


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