Sample Homepages & Business Websites

To demonstrate how diverse the pageBuzz system is, we have built several sample sites, using the images, templates and programs provided on the website builder. Browse them for an idea of what you can easily build yourself with just a few hours of effort. Of course we expect you to spend more time on your own website, but you will get an idea of simple design options, the shopping system, photo gallery, realestate and used car dealer website management as well as other features. As far as design goes, you can build a website that looks like any other website you have seen online , these samples only serve to show some of the programs features and not necessarily what your website will look like. Please understand many of the sample designs date back to 2005 and need some updating, they don't show off many newer program features or contemporary design styles. However, they are great examples of the programming and page building tools that we offer with every account for just $20 a month.

Retail e-Commerce Samples
UPDATED in 2013 Wider Format 1000px is a simple clean website selling vitamins and nutritional products. The site uses the estore shopping cart with a basic set up and a simple slideshow on the front page. It also demonstrates the image slider on the home page with 20 products that can be featured in this appealing display. Notice the menus at both the top and left of the page which are fully automated based on page names and categories. As time goes on design concepts change and this is an example of how has met those challanges and kept up with new trends. Our customers never have to worry about looking at new options for their websites because we add them with regular updates to help keep their designs up to date and fresh.

UPDATED in 2013 Wider Format 1000px is another simple and current look selling womens clothing. ecommerce is really one of the strengths of and over the last decade we have developed one of the most comprehensive and full featured shopping systems available at any price. Not even systems 10 times the cost offer even half of what we provide. This shopping site shows off our "Simple Cart", named for the ease of use, with wholesale pricing, cross selling and a checkout summary on the right side of the shopping pages. As you can see, at any price it is a great shopping cart. But when you consider it is just $20 on it is impossible to ignore. - A Boutique couture clothing shop that uses a standard Boutique style template provided free with every hosting account. The home page highlights our slide show feature to display some of the products for sale. This is a very basic site used to show how the shopping cart functions and the design options available to everyone. This site is set up for demonstration only.

(last updated 2006) - A website featuring craft supplies for sale. The website uses a standard Boutique Style Template from our free template gallery. Nothing special here, this is a simple look to achieve with a few clicks and at most a couple minutes on the phone with us. The boutique templates integrate our e-store web 2.0 shopping system into the design of the pages. Full search and shopping capabilities along with the option to collect payments through paypal or your own merchant account. This site is set up for demonstration only.

(last updated 2006) - This simplified but professional looking website uses standard features like our multi image shopping cart, animated slideshow, multi level drop down menu, gift certificate, affiliate and wholesale programs. The site uses a right side custom menu and a top dropdown menu added to a custom layout. Great examples of how CSS friendly and developer friendly the site builder is. Many of the small details are samples of what a professional designer might do with some of the advanced tools.

(last updated 2010) - A sample crafters website with a country primitives theme. This is one of our standard boutique templates set up with some of the craft items from our free classified The country primitives are a popular design style so we provide many standard, boutique templates and titlespaces to accommodate anyone needing that style. This site shows the shopping cart as well as the photo gallery and some basic pages. The calendar is also shown to display how effective an events calendar can be for any crafters business.

(last updated 2006) - This website shows a traditional web 2.0 look and feel with menu button effects and mouseover image upsizing. We used it as an affiliate website and earned a generous income but have since disabled the selling and just use it as a sample to show potential hosting customers what our shopping cart can offer them. This site uses a custom template uploaded via the standard advanced developer tools in the main management console.

(last updated 2005) - A sample site using a simple layout and plain color background. This site uses a standard layout with a simple title space and a e-commerce menu using our CSS menu presets. A simple look for a few simple products. The site is not over done and very easy to navigate. This site has generated thousands of dollars for us as an affiliate site selling gourmet which proves it does not have to be over done to be successful.

(last updated 2005)

UPDATED in 2014 (1000px wide) - This website was built in just a few hours using a database file and importing data into the product shopping cart. The import and export features allow you to manage inventory outside your website and update the entire inventory in one easy step. The website was built completely using just the tools provided in the site builder. The front page uses the carosel slideshow in the drag and drop web page editor. The menu is a basic CSS menu built using the online meu builder. While the content area is just 1000px the website backgrounds will expand to any size screen for a more complete look. Shows how a small t-shirt screen printing operation can market and easily sell online. Features such as advanced product options, personalization, sizes and such are standard features of the shopping cart. The shopping cart item pages have been expanded using the page editor to show multiple images and views of the t-shirts. Quantities, costs, tax, shipping and coupon discounts are all calculated by the web store automatically.

(last updated 2007) - This is an implementation of an O/S Commerce template we purchased online. This type of conversion requires more experience to build, however we wanted to show that almost any template could be adapted to If you have an advanced understanding of CSS and HTML there is nothing you cannot accomplish as far as design. If you are an average user, you will not want to try this alone, but with professional help almost any design is possible. Using some of the advanced features and tools can get you very close to any design you might have seen online, without any html or css coding. But it is also possible to use templates from other platforms or shopping carts.

(last updated 2008)

UPDATED in 2014 (1000px wide) uses an uncommon font for page text by taking advantage of newer browser technology that allows for more diversity in designs and font types. This also shows a good use of the shopping carts multi-image feature to display multiple views of each item and some custom teaks in the menu, browse pages and template design. Nothing extreme, but somewhat different than many of the other samples. This website uses our "Simple Cart" which is one of the multiple shopping cart options we have available, allowing a broad range of styles and designs without requiring any custom html or css. Of course, webmasters and advanced users can modify html and css in all of the carts for even more refined designs.

Professional, Informational and Service Business Websites
UPDATED in 2013 Wider Format 1000px uses an introduction video on the front page to show who we are. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth ten thousand. We created this simple updated look to show professional businesses what they can expect from the pageBuzz website system. Easy to drag and drop pages, the ability to add video, pictures and other media, forms and even multilevel menus. We wanted to specificly show law firms and consultants how pageBuzz could provide a great platform for managing their websites. Also highlighting the simple blog feature which is an important element of any consulting or legal website to show just the skills and knowledge of the company or individuals. If you are going to publish articles and claim to be an expert, make sure they are on your website so potential clients see them first hand.

UPDATED in 2014 (1000px Wide) Shows a content slider on the home page with multiple tabs and an auto advance. Similar to a photo slideshow using normal page content. It also is updated with videos streaming from youtube for testimonials and even an about us page with video. This is a great demonstration of a service website without ecommerce, however, payments for reservations could be accepted online as well. Built using the drag and drop page editor it is a simple design, easy to manage while having a professional appearance and presentation. A real vacation tour website would be more developed than the few pages in this basic sample. Not shown in the demo is the availability calendar which could be used to show when tours are available or fully booked.

Used Car Dealers & Automotive e-Commerce Samples
UPDATED in 2013 Wider Format 1000px - This used car dealer demo uses an introduction video on the front page, the car slider feature at the bottom and the full size image viewer on the car pages. It has been updated to a slightly wider format for modern monitors. We have also added the element of real people to make the website more personal and appealing. Having the actual people in the dealership on the website can improve sales and make people feel much more comfortable to take the next step and contact you or visit your lot. The video was uploaded to youtube and embeded in the page using our drag and drop editor. Having videos on youtube also create more exposure for your company and your website. While the design is very simple, the website has alot of impact with visitors.

UPDATED in 2014 Wider Format 1000px - This is a sample site featuring the photo gallery viewer with larger photos and a great example of what an actual classic car restoration website might look like. It has an updated look and uses the drag and drop page editor to create a cool home page with overlays and placement of some transparent png files. While it is not developed, it does show a nice clean simple look that virtualy anyone could build on their own here on in just a few hours of work. It also shows the use of the car dealer gallery on the cars for sale page with the newest page display options. - A simple used car dealer sample website showing a basic slideshow of inventory, a complete used car dealer gallery and some of the other features popular with many of the used car dealers hosting their websites at for just $20 a month. pageBuzz is one of the few hosting companies that offers a complete inventory management system for small used car dealers websites.

(last updated 2008) - A sample used car dealer website using a simple layout and css menu top and bottom. This sample shows the rollover effects on listings, an updated vehicle page display, loan calculator and direct link to a secure credit application. This is on sample of what some simple html and css changes can do to the look of the entire website. An animated titlespace using 4 images that rotate automatically give the site a complete modern appearance. The only limits to the design is the experience of the designer.

(last updated 2008) - A sample using the eStore web 2.0 shopping cart format for online sales. The shopping cart's checkout is redirected to an affiliate site but can be used for internal sales as well. An automotive webfeed from allows us to display thousands of used car ads and capitalize on advertising. The site uses a very simple custom template with only a few pages but packs a big bang. This site has produced hundreds of dollars monthly though advertising and affiliate marketing. Honestly, we just set it up as a sample but it generates a bunch of cash just sitting there.

(last updated 2005) - Used Car Dealer Website showing how the vehicle management systems works. Car dealers can simply fill in the forms, upload the photos and the website does the rest. Easy to manage and extremely efficient for any car dealer or automotive sales business. The website also uses the animated titlespace builder to change the vehicles automatically on the top of each page for a web 2.0 look.

(last updated 2004)

UPDATED in 2014 Wider Format 1000px - Rebuilt in 2014 with a 1972 Opel GT restoration project. This is one of the owners personal projects and cars and photos of the work that went into repairing that vehicle. This site is very basic, but shows nice use of colors and an all too popular black background with red accents. It also show off the used car dealer gallery with some more of the owners toys. We also had some fun the the titlespace adding the cloud of smoke bilowing out of the exhaust, showing that sometimes just a little creativity can elevate a website design.

(under construction) - This simple website was updated with a new look in 2014 but has little else to offer. It does show the use of the photo gallery and a few blog entries, but not much more. Still it is a cool vehicle website and a nicely set up layout and color scheme showing more diversity of websites built on Just like the car built on this website, the only limit for your website design is your own imagination. And yes, the car does run 8.90 in the quarter mile.


Vacation Rental & Real Estate Website Samples - A simple lake rental website to show the use of our vacation rental availability calendar. Anyone can create full pages, photo galleries of vacation properties and display a calendar showing the available dates. Use the online forms and e-commerce to take reservations right on the website. This sample vacation rental website uses a full list of available dates as well as individual availability calendars for each of the properties offered as big lake vacation rentals. Ue the property gallery in the sample below for an instant professional look.

(last updated 2010)

UPDATED in 2014 Wider Format 1000px - A very simple real estate website showing the property gallery features with the slide show, contact forms and some very basic pages. It is a great starting point for any realestate agent, broker or property manager at $20, you can't beat it. This website uses a full image home page with a sectional top image in the rest of the pages for a uniform look. A nice effect when the home page needs a little more impact.

A great example of a low cost website for any real estate agent. Easy design to build for anyone using the pageBuzz website building tools.

Actor & Actress Portfolio's and Fan Sites - This celebrity fan site has been hosted with us for several years and at one time offered Alyson's fans the ability to build their own free fan sites here on We host many actors and actresses official sites because our low price fits any struggling actor or actresses budget and the ability to update information and photos themselves. In a competitive industry like Screen Actors it is nice to have the tools at your disposal to stay competitive and give real time information to agents and fans without paying Hollywood style sky high fees.

(last updated 2004)

Forums and Blogs - Here is a real basic blog with some short articles from our affiliate marketing days. We made millions in sales for affiliate sites and earned nice commissions for many years. This site was built from an older blog about affiliate marketing. It shows off the browse syle display of the simple blog program and a few entries in the discussion forum. It is nothing fancy, but the design is clean, nicely matched and presents very well as an article base informational website.

(Updated 2014 1000px wide) - Here is a simple website with articles about website construction (without e-commerce). It is built using an advanced layout and a simple title space. The menu is unique because it is built on a separate page and used in place of the automated menu. The only image that is part of the design is the top titlespace image. This look is achieved by making one square image and uploading it to the top of the page and building the menu on a menu page.

(last updated 2009)

Photography and Image Gallery Sites is a sample photographer's website showing how the image display galleries can be used by photographers to display their work. The website is also e-commerce enabled and allows for the purchase of photography services and packages. This is just one of the many configurations of the photo gallery which has many different looks and image display styles.

(last updated 2009)

Website Hosting, Design & Web Hosting Service Resellers

UPDATED in 2014 (1000px wide) - This is a website demonstrating our reseller program for webmasters that want to offer their own website hosting service. Webmasters can offer the same tools used here at to their customers under their own company name or brand. This website shows a clean professional design and just one of the possible looks that can be created using the pageBuzz website building tools. While the website does not have any fancy sliders or gimmicks it is a clean and effective design featuring a automated website hosting signup and management login as well as a full demo for potentail customers. This design demonstrates how one simple website can be friendly to all handhelds, tablets and computers without needing many different websites or a complex responsive layout. - This is our original ecommerce hosting website from back in 2004 when we entered the online sitebuilder market. Our system has evolved so much that we can now host our original company website on our own sitebuilder. With our reseller programs anyone can run a hosting company just like we did or do now, and offer the same services that we have today. Moving our namesake to shows how powerful the pageBuzz sitebuilder really is. Even more powerful than we had ever envisioned back in 2004. While we do not host websites directly on Bumblebeeworks any longer, we just as easily could using the powerful tools provided here at

(last updated 2004)

Ratings & Review Sites - This is a simple sample review website showing the rate and review program, featuring some popular fast food chains. Visitors can add their comments and rate topics relavent to the products or service being reviewed. The program is full featured, customizable and supports affiliate marketing type review sites or comparison rankings. The rate and review program is available with every hosting account and works well as a stand alone program or an additional feature in a more developed website.

The review feature is also built into all the shopping carts so users can review products for sale.


This list represents only a very small sample of what you can build using the pageBuzz website builder. With well over 1000 premade designs to choose from as well as the ability to add your own deisgn and pages, the possibilities are endless. We host websites for Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Home Builders, Handymen, Cleaning Services, Home Based Retail, Churches, PTA and Educational Institutions and much much more. If you need a website that you can manage yourself and do not what it to cost a fortune then is a great fit. At just $20 a month offers more unique programs than any other hosting company as well as having the #1 rated e-commerce shopping cart.



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