Letting pageBuzz Manage your Doman Names

Letting pageBuzz Manage your Domain Names for $5.00/year

If you are like the majority of our clients you don't know much about domain registration and managing websites. Of course using our online tools lets anyone, even people with no experience manage great websites.

However, every website needs a domain name and it is one of the things many people forget about. People tend to buy a name for 2 years and then just forget about it. The register will notify people by e-mail that the domain needs to be renewed but after 2 years many people have changed their email address and forgot to update it in the domain registry as required.

Obviously if you don't know the $10 is due you can't pay it and hence, the domain expires and you lose ownership of it. That is a real problem for businesses that have been using the name for 2 years and have people visiting a website that they no longer own. It is also bad for pageBuzz.com because we lose a hosting customer since the website has expired and most people don't want to spend another 2 years rebuilding their business online.

pageBuzz.com can help you solve that problem for about $5.00 a year. We will manage your domain name in our own accounts as one of our own domain names. When the domain is due we will make very effort to contact you to renew it. Of course we have more at stake since the loss of the domain means the loss of a hosting customer.

We email everyone with a domain name that it needs to be renewed. If we do not get a response we will look in your account, at your website for alternate contact information, phone number address etc to make sure every option is exhausted before the domain expires.

Since we have domains being renewed on a daily basis we won't forget about it. We have systems in place to insure that names are registered as long as we can contact the owner.

The small fee we charge is minimal if your business has any value to you. The benefit could be the difference between going out of business and staying in business.

We will manage any domain for anyone hosted at pageBuzz and do by default on any new signups that are initiated through our website.

Of course domains can be registered at any registrar and hosted by any website host, so some domains would need to be transferred to us to provide that service. The transfer fee is the same as a 1 year renewal or $14.95 and include one full year added to the domain registration.

In the event you decide to leave pageBuzz and use another hosting company we will create a domain management account and give you full control of the domain. We do not charge any fee to return the domain to you and we do not hold any domains for any reason. If it is your domain you own it and you have full rights to it.

We have managed thousands of domains for clients and we offer the best level of protection against losing a domain because of domain disputes initiated because of non responsive contact or expiration because someone just forgot.

We also offer a level of privacy. Since all domain registration information is public and many of our clients work from home they do not want their home address published and associated with their website. By assigning the domain to our company the domain information is our corporate address and has no association with anyones private residence.

There are many domain privacy services that cost between $15 and $35 a year. However, they only offer domain mail forwarding and no real point of contact. That has caused many domain owners grief when attorneys file domain disputes with ICANN over trademark violations or infringements. Since the mail forwarded is not always reliable you may never know that your domain is in danger.

In our case, anyone can look up your domain and call us directly and we will contact you by phone in those cases.

There are many things about domains and the law that most people do not know. It is important to have someone that does understand and has a reliable management record in charge of your domain name.

Fortunately, pageBuzz customers have a great option by allowing us to take the responsibility of managing their domains. It is something that every small business should consider.


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