Building Website Graphics With The Drag & Drop Image Editor

Drag & Drop Image Building

One of the coolest features in the website management system is the Image Composite Tool. It lets anyone build images with added text, images or graphic elements.

The tool will let you create text layers and drag them into place, move them around until you have the look that you want and save the image as a new image or over the old image.

The obvious advantage of having an image builder right on the website is saving time editing images.

To add something simple like a message or phone number to an image or title graphic for the website takes just a few seconds compared to 30 minutes using programs like photoshop or other windows based programs requiring local saves, uploading images and so on.

The disadvantages are that the online tools are that it is certainly no match for programs like Adobe Photoshop. But then again, most people can't afford $2500 for Adobe Photoshop and the ones that can usually will not be able to understand such a complex program without many months of use or training.

So we created something that offers the less computer savvy individual an opportunity to make simple adjustments to images. One that lets people build images without being experts of having a degree in graphic design.

While this makes the choices fewer, the learning curve is much faster to build composite images.

Our system also has a drag and drop page editor which allows anyone to drag layers over images within the page. So people can built complex pages without graphics tools. However, when images are needed in areas such as the masthead or titlespace area they need to be a single image and not several images positioned over each other using css coding.

That is where the image composite tool is at its best. Compiling 5,10,15 different images into one flat image that is transportable and and be used in any area of the website.

Many of Car Dealers Using pageBuzz to manage their websites will use the image tools to add messages to the pictures of the vehicles.

For Example: This plain image of a highway can quickly be converted into a complete graphic image for the top of a website.

Just add some text, a road sign and a new car and we soon have a basic titlespace for a used car dealer.

Of course you could have added any art, images or text and made the image useful for any type of business. Choose any of the thousands of stock images or blank titlespaces we have in the gallery or even upload your own. Add some art, text and that plain old website will soon look like a professional work of art.

You will be amazed at how such a simple tool can make such a big impact on your website design and take what looks like an amateur built page ad make it look like a professional business.

All the images on the website can be modified using the image composite tool as well as the image tools including the cropping, resizing, image effects such as polaroid style effects, frames or shadows.

Images can be used in slideshows and moving presentations using the deluxe slideshow builder, content slider builder, carousel slideshow builder, animated titlespace builder or other tools that add some dynamic motion to your website.

Images built using the image composite tool can also be used on standard website pages using any of the editors, WYSIWYG, HTML or Drag & Drop to inert images into pages.

Business Cards & Printables

We also have even integrated the composite tools with a gallery of printable forms and business cards where users can build printable PDF files rendered at 300DPI print quality.

We understand that this is just a website, but at pageBuzz, we give you more if we can ad having additional business tools on your website can be a big benefit.

Being able to create a simple business card, gift certificate or coupon and print out 50, 100 or 200 for a limited use can save time, money and help your business.

Create gift certificates online and sell them in your store. Print business cards for a new sales person or coupons for next weeks sale. However you use the printables is up to you but you will love having the tools right online and will enjoy how quickly you can create the forms, cards or materials you need.

Font Types Available

You can use any of the over 20,000 fonts to create text layers and customize existing forms and business cards. Just search though the fonts gallery and add the fonts you wish to use on a regular basis. All the fonts added will be available for use when accessing any of the image composite tools either for web graphics or higher resolution printable materials.

Adding Images to Images

To add images, you can upload your own images or use any of the images in the extensive clip art gallery online. Browse the thousands of stock images we have available or use anything that you might already have.

Titlespace Gallery

We have tried to create as many titlespace blanks as we could to meet the demands of new customers. They are organized into different categories that you can browse through. If you find something you like, select a size and then use the composite tool to customize it for you business.

You are ever limited to what we have in the gallery, you can just as easily upload your own image but we try to provide as many resources as possible to save you time.

Overview of Image Tools

All in all the image composite tool is one of the best tools online. When you combine that with all of the other tools for managing images such as:

  • Image Resizing Tool

  • Image Lighten/Darken Tool

  • Image Cropping Tool

  • Image Effects & Frames Tool

You end up with an amazing ability to modify graphics and images on your own website. But that is not the really amazing part about the website builder, it is the fact that the management tools are just a few of the hundreds of standard features on a much larger website building system.

The level of excellence that each feature has been elevated is truly unmatched.

We really have no competitors at this level and webmasters are running around trying to bash our system to avoid letting anyone realize how great it really is. After all, what would happen to all the webmasters once everyone is building their own websites on

If you want to be one of the people with a great affordable website that you can manage yourself without a webmaster then take a look at our website building demo today and call us to discuss any questions you might have.


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