Website Hosting For Realtors @ $20/month

We intentionally ignored the market for real estate websites because in the past the average persons expectations were too high and their budgets were too low. They wanted sites that compared to multi million dollar operations and wanted it all for less than $20. They wanted interactive tours of homes but did not understand the cost of creating the technology and were completely unwilling to pay for it.

Today, we think the market has changed significantly and people have more reasonable expectations about what to expect and what the costs are for technology. At just $20 a month for our custom Real estate websites our system is not only cost effective but offers more than any other hosting company for Realtors.

Our real estate listings gallery is simple to use and gives a great professional look without any effort. You get professional looking pages without hiring a designer, without paying for templates or learning how to build pages yourself.

  • So we ask you as a modern Realtor, do you need a $300 a month website?

  • Do you need searches, Customer Relations Manager, and IDX so users can search for homes from your website?

  • Do you need mapping APIs that how satellite views of the area and street views of the homes?

  • Do you need virtual reality tours of the home at a cost of half of your commission?

  • Do you want to share your commission with your website host? Or have something more affordable?

The fact is, today buyers are smarter, they use sites like Zillow, Trulia and to do research, check crime patterns, police reports, school ratings and income levels. Can you provide all that with your website? Probably not, so why try?

They use sites like google maps to view the street and the homes in the neighborhood and check the satellite views for garbage dumps, factories or industrial sites close to the property.

Your customers could not care less about the 5 pages on your website when they have a wealth of information to use on outside websites. And that begs the questions, what do you need a website at all?

What sales people need today is a contact point so they can be reached easily and explain what they can do for potential customers.

  • A place they can list more photos and information about the homes they have listed.

  • A suplimental to the information in the MLS or on the major websites.

  • A place where you can give the intangibles, the history and the elements that make a difference between making the sale and losing the sale.

  • A place where they have control of the story and can highlight the elements of a property that make it more attractive.

After years of seeing Realtors struggle with websites, using modified photo galleries to try to show their properties and display information, we decided to jump in. And we did it with a big splash.

Our all new real estate website management system is included in our regular hosting package. So you don't have to pay even one penny more than any other website hosting customer.

The tools makes it simple to list up to 100 properties with as many as 25 large photos each displayed in a great slidshow with enlarge functions and easy viewing.

The main gallery pages show a small thumbnail image of the property along with details, messages and data that you can specify.

Of course the color options and design styles are unlimited as you can use the gallery builder to select colors, borders and even modify the page content elements for a completely different look or set of details.

The full property page layout layout is a clean and up to date look with a simple slideshow and larger image overlay slideshow type presentation.

The top of the display page shows a common slideshow with p to 25 images. Clicking on the images will display a larger image up to 800 pixels wide (full standard screen).

To the right are the primary details, price, beds bath and the most common asked elements.

Below the basic details there is a link to full size images and video if one has been specified.

Just below that section there are bulleted links to print the page, a mortgage calculator, contact and set appointment forms, social media links, and a link to view a map of the property, satellite, street view and so on.

The remainder of the form has the details about the property, areas for written descriptions and up to 10 custom fields that you can use for more relevant local information that would not apply to all properties or just for points we may have not addressed in the overall page.

Pages are fully customizable, colors and borders can be changed or change the entire page by designing a full html layout and populate the data provided by the programs. That is normally reserved for very advanced users.

As you can see in the sample, there are preset fields you can fill in, such as heat, hot water and roofing material. This gives you the ability to go though the online checklist and write as much as you want about each element of the property.

For example: Hot Water Heater was replaced 6 months ago and has a 10 year warranty. Or talk about how the roofing material is the newest and has a 30 year warranty.

All of these extras will go so much further in selling a home.

Most buyers interviewed after the purchase were dissatisfied with their Realtor and the process because they felt like there was much hidden and they were pushed into a bad situation to close the sale.

Being open and honest will make the process much better and you will find the right buyer for the property.

That is so much better for agents than having the buyer post online in 10 different forums not to use you, you are a scam artist and cannot be trusted.

If you are forthcoming online, have good data and give the buyers a reason to trust you, that will never happen.

Many Realtors get aggressive and tell buyers not to get inspections or they will lose the house the want. When they buyer gets done posting online, that Realtor never gets another sale and has to look for a new profession.

Don't let your customers dictate your success, take control of it with your own website.

Full Image Display

The full image display uses a clean image overlay which the colors can be changed to match your website, here we used gray, but any colors are possible.

The Back End Real Estate Management Section

To build the pages just fill in simple forms with the information and the programs do the rest.

Upload images right from your computer,
camera or smart phone.

Additional Realtor tools include the craigslist posting tools, image adjustment tools, image composite tools, html customization, customize contact forms ad much more. Best of all, use any of the hundreds of other features to build a website like no other online.

Use Other Website Building Tools Such As:

  • Webpage Editors

  • Image Editors

  • eCommerce

  • Calendars & Scheduling

  • Menu Builders

  • Slideshow Builders

  • Additional Photo Galleries

  • & More!

We really thought website hosting for Realtors was not a market for us, but now with everyone doing their own shopping online and bypassing Realtors completely by using sites like,, and as well as countless others small independent agents need website more than ever.

Some of the major website like zillow require you to have a website to get homes listed, but more importantly all will list your website if you have one. With these sites getting 99% of the traffic, you have to be on them, or you are not in the game. So having a website is important just to compete.

Agents cannot depend on the brokers websites anymore as the market changes and people need agents less and less to find homes.

The biggest problem we saw with the mega sites like is that they don't have all the details buyers need and often the images available are small or nonexistent. For that reason we added our own system so that any listing agent, broker or sales agent could provide more details, extra images and better point of contact tools.

At just $20 a month the cost is nothing for a Realtor that has any sales at all. Even if the site only generates one sale a year you would have to be insane not to have it for the potential return.

Now that is one of the most complete website hosting platforms online, we thought is would make sense to offer this type of programming in a market that needs all the help it can get. The tools are easy to use and extensive. So don't stop at just a gallery of images, add in a blog, discuss real estate trends in your area, write articles about buying and selling homes, join the rest of us and get your website started today.

Real estate agents have depended on brokers website for too long and ignored the Internet as a tool and a way to establish them as serious players.

Everyone else is on linkedin, facebook and so on.. while Realtors do very little to promote themselves. Now for Realtors, nobody is going to look you up on but they might read your blog and see what you have to say.

Choosing a Realtor is not an easy task and the more information you put out there the better chance you have of getting clients. Give people a reason to use you, trust you and let you make the commission. Simple tools like the blogging program can be easy to update and extremely effective in marketing you as a brand.

So you can sit back and hope that you make money, or be proactive, build a website and take advantage of the inexpensive online resources we provide. The fact is, if you don't have a website, you will never be found, never be noticed and probably not make much money at all.

It is never too late to start your own real estate website, but every minute you wait is another potential sale lost.

Take a look at what website hosting offers to Realtors and see if it is a good place to start your online presence.


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