Dedicated Servers & Server Clusters

The average business will never need more than a $20 a month website on Our servers run at low load levels and are all enterprise level servers costing upwards of $20,000 each. So there is no need to worry about having too much traffic or websites being shut off for overuse of resources.

But servers and networks do have limits and it is not impossible to exceed those limits. Our standard websites can easily manage a few hundred thousand extra visitors on occasion without any issues but there are circumstances that would exceed that level of traffic.

If you are not running Superbowl commercials or multimillion dollar ad campaigns you don't need to worry. Unless you end up getting featured on top TV programs like Opra, Dr Phil, Rachel Ray or others. That type of exposure can cause massive instant web traffic sometimes in the millions of visitors an hour. If that happens it will slow your website to a crawl and could even go offline. Even though our servers are designed to manage 50 times the average we do not plan for those loads because we don't have customers that can afford to pay for it on a monthly basis. We charge $20 a month and those resources would easily cost $10,000 or even $100,000 a month to mange.

So what can the average person do if they get lucky and get a call from Opra? Will the website just go offline?

The website will most likely be shut down if you get massive traffic levels. Since there are other websites on the same servers we cannot allow all the sites to be unavailable just because one is using more than $20 in resources. But we do have extra servers in place that can be used as dedicated servers for any website. The process of moving a website to a dedicated server takes just minutes, that is, if we are notified that you will be needing it. If you wait until it is too late, you may miss out on having anyone see your website or order your products.

We offer this service as insurance that your website will not cause problems for other businesses hosted with us and so that you have an affordable solution should you get your big break.

We have had quite a few hosting clients featured on TV shows and get huge spikes in traffic and product sales. So we know first hand what that is like and what you need to support it. If the Discovery channel is doing a special about your business or you are being featured on Dirty Jobs, you may need to consider upgrading to a dedicated server at least while the TV show airs.

If you know or expect that you will have a massive surge in traffic, don't forget to tell your website host. We have the resources to manage it, but we can't if we do not know about it.

Our price for basic dedicated servers is $1,000.00 a month with a 5MB dedicated connection more bandwidth available at extra cost. Keep in mind, the server costs us $800.00 a month with bandwidth, so while the price seems high it is not and our profit is minimal.

We do not expect most our $20 a month customers to fork over $1000 to set up a dedicated server because they are appearing on Opra. Since you did not or may not make any money it is hard to come up with the cash but then it is hard to make money with a website offline.

We have dedicated servers in place that are on standby as new customers sign up and our hosting base grows or servers go offline for maintenance. We offer those servers to our clients at no additional cost for short periods of time. We will charge for the bandwidth used but we will bill that after usage so there is no up front cost.

Our need for dedicated servers will likely only be in those circumstance. We do not have many hosting clients that are spending millions on advertising, if they were they would not be using a $20 a month website. And the ones that do, manage campaigns so that there is no major surge in traffic but a moderate flow as not to tax network resources.

So the chances of our selling dedicated severs is very slim. But we built the technology into our architecture and have the resources to offer it. If your business does grow, we can still handle it to almost any level.

It is great to assure our customers that even in extreme circumstances we can keep their website open so their big break does not turn into a colossal flop.


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