Webhosting for Used Car Dealers

In most cases companies have hosting products for one reason, because they can make money and Used Car Dealers are a great place to make money because they typically spend so much of it on advertising.

But for me, cars are a passion. I build custom cars, collect classic cars and my daily driver is 40 years old. So I love classic cars in every way. They way they make me feel, the passion for the workmanship, the way they drive and the nostalgia. I have owned cars from the 20's to the 80's, sports cars, sedans, dragsters and even the odd Vega and Pinto just for fun.

So when I started developing software for used car dealers it was not out of greed or a desire to make money, it was because many of my friends sold cars and needed something they could use for their businesses.

I even built buzztrader.com to sell classic cars and quickly had over a million visitors a month. The only problem I had was spending too much time looking and dreaming about buying cars and not enough time developing websites and software. That is a hazard of doing something that you love.

The really cool part was that I got to work with all the car classic car dealers and make money while doing it. So for me the money was a bonus and as a result websites for used car dealers it is a big part of our website hosting business.

When I build a website it is not coming from a website designers perspective, it is coming from a car builders perspective.

When I add a photo of a welder to a page it give me a rush because I think about being in the garage building a custom frame for my dragster or fitting a 700Hp V8 in my Fiat. I feel the the passion for the business and have a much different perspective than most software developers or website designers.

Since a big part of my life before the Internet was spent in the automotive industry including going to college for automotive engineering it seemed like a logical choice to address website for used car dealers.

The original focus was on classic cars, those pre 1973 models that are so avidly collected. I created a solution that allowed dealers to quickly list cars and manage online inventory quickly and affordbly.

While we could charge $200 a month like or competitors but at the $20 a month we do charge we have a bigger market and more value for the money.

So that makes hosting car dealer websites on pageBuzz.com cheaper plus we understand your business better than our competitors, because I spent my whole life being part of it. And I am still part of it working from my desk and creating the tools that car dealers need to manage websites.

So lets take a look at what pageBuzz can offer the small Used Car Dealer

  • Complete Inventory Manager

  • Craigslist Posting Tool

  • RSS Feeds

  • Import export for Cars.com & Autotrader.com

  • Integrated Carfax Links

  • Flexible Design Options

  • Slideshows & Content Sliders

  • SEO Tools & Search Engine Submission

  • eMail @ thenameofyourbusiness.com

  • Webpage Building Tools & Editors

  • Premade Graphics & Window Stickers

  • Printable Buyers Guide for Each Vehicle

Click here more details about the car dealer websites and try our demo and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your used car lot on the web.

Inventory Manager

I think the vehicle inventory manager is about one of the easiest tools we have. Where there are some advanced features for the most part it is just like adding a vehicle to Ebay, Autotrader or any other website. Just select the make, model, write a description and upload up to 25 photos of the vehicle.

On the management side you have easy to use galleries with links to modify, change prices, photos and information. On the user side, they can search vehicles, sort by price, year or manufacturer,

For the smaller car lots having easy point and click tools make managing a website simple. No webmaster, no complex or expensive software, just go online, and do what you do on any other website, except on this one, it is yours.

AutoTrader Export

Many dealers use outside sites like autotrader.com or cars.com to advertise in addition to their website. Rather than loading inventory on all websites we have an export feature which gives you one datafile that can be uploaded and import 200 cars at one time from your website over to autotrader.com.

We also support newer standards like RSS which allows users or websites such as aggregators to access your vehicle inventory in real time to get updated images, information and pricing.

Drag & Drop Website Editor

Then we have the standard tools like the Drag & Drop page editor that allow you to make pages outside the gallery of vehicles. Pages like contact information, sales people or just information about getting loans and financing.

The key to a successful website is having information. Large established dealers can live on their reputation but smaller dealers need to add additional pages and content to make people comfortable with the idea of purchasing from them.

pageBuzz is unique in the automotive hosting market in that we have the tools to develop fully developed businesses online and not just car dealers.

While we don't offer marketing packages and expensive upsells most dealers don't need it anyway. They don't need a social media campaign, or targeted search engine marketing with paid ads. They simply need a website to show the vehicles that have for sale.

So unlike our competitors, we wont be trying to upsell you every time you call. We just concentrate on helping you and making sure you are happy with what we do provide.

We Have Grown Over The Years

We have not only hosted website for car dealers we have become great at doing it. We work with the guys you see on TV, on the car shows, car auctions and specials. We have found a niche in the business and have become a leader in the industry. Our car dealers are successful and active in the car market because they have embraced the online tools we have created for them. They can be at an auction 500 miles from their lot and take pictures and add the vehicle to their website as soon as they buy it. Often selling it before it even gets delivered to their lot.

It is all about speed, efficiency and support. When my dealers call, we understand them. We don't try to sell them more services or products. Although I have bought a few cars from them over the years.

But being able to manage a simple website with 20, 30 or even 200 vehicles is priceless. But for you, today only, you can have this one owner, low mile website for $20.



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