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We have enjoyed working directly with thousands of small business owners for nearly 2 decades, helping them develop their websites and grow their businesses, but in that same time, our cmpany also grew. As a result, supporting each individual customer with all the personal time, attention and resources they have come to expect was just not possible.

When you work with people for 10 to 15 years or more, you learn about their familys and watch their businesses grow from an idea to millions of dollars a year, supporting them is more than just a business, it has become very personal for us.

Unfortunately our business became so big we could not keep up with all the changes in technology as fast as our customers needed and still support eveyone on a personal level.

The core of our business was always our corporate accounts and developing our own technology.

Over 20 years our business, like the internet, developed in new directions and continuing to support and develop became almost impossible.

We now maintain the website as reference only and to continue to provide useful hosting advice and information to small businesses. is no longer accepting sign ups


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