Website Slide Show

Photo Slideshows are a great way to add animated content to a website with out making animations. Just upload a few regular photos and let our program do the rest.

We have 2 unique automated slideshows which can be added to pages as well as the animated titlespace which can be added to all pages using the same technique.

The first slideshow uses standard transitions and panning to display static photos giving the appearance of live video.

The slideshow below shows an example of a some graphics used on the front page of a website. These graphics can be updated and changed giving the website some unique and udpated content on the front page.

The sample uses just 3 images for simplicity. But each of the slide shows holds up to 10 photos which can be changed at any time without editing the pages.

This feature has become very popular with our hosting customers because it is easy and gives a great look on the font page of the website and showcases multiple images or products.

We also have a Polaroid style slideshow which has many more transitions between photos. It offers slides from all directions, fades, spins, folds and many other cool animation styles.

The slideshow builders are amazingly simple to use to create this type of animated content. Typically a webmaster would be employed to had code the page. But with our slideshow builders anyone that can take a photo can animate them in a fully functional slideshow.




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