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One of the most difficult things we have to get people to understand is that a website is a blank page until you add something to it. So most website hosts can host a website for any business.

But people are short sighted and if they can't see the final product they can't envision their website working at your company or using your product.

This is a big problem for a growing company like ours because people don't want to be the first to build a website using your system unless someone else has done it. For that reason we have built a gallery of sample websites from ecommerce to used car dealers to show people that their business can be hosted at pageBuzz.com.

To address the issue we have created very specialized programming for different markets so we could corner those markets rather than trying to convince everyone that the could use our tools and as it turns out that was a great decision because it gave us a huge edge over our competitors that keep more general tools and follow the "One Size Fits All" hosting model.

We have taken a different approach by creating tools for specialized markets and getting referrals from our customers in those markets. of course over the years we have reached into a lot of different markets and here is a list of some of the websites that we have hosted and a little more about the programs that some in these businesses will be able to use. And yes, it is all for $20 a month, no more no less.

As you can see by the list we have worked with almost every business imagineable and created websites in almost every market. We can't list everything of the page would crash your browser, but you see it is diverse and far reaching into many markets. That is because we have the tools each of those businesses needs to run their website online.

But our websites are different, they are simple, to the point and something the business owner can manage without a webmaster or IT Nerd to hold their hands.

We specialize in working directly with small business owners to give them what they need and have create special programs to let them build slideshows, animations ad even graphics right on their website.

We have even added tools for printing forms, business cards, invoices and other business materials. We have created tools for used car dealers, real estate professionals, retail stores and hundreds of other small businesses that need to be online.

If you don't see what you need, call us! We can probably add what you need if we have not already done it since this page was written. We actively develop new programs in new markets and regularly look for new ideas and trends to keep your website up to date and competitive with everyone else.

Why We Do What We Do

If you are in a market we have not addressed we are interested in working with you to create programs that can be used in that industry. And we don't do that just to be nice guys, we do it because if we are the first in the market, we make the most money.

This has created great relationships with our customers because we create expensive programming that they don't have to pay for, and it does what they want because they are involved in the development process. Telling us what they need, want and how it will be easiest to use.

You won't find any other companies doing what we do because we assume all the risk and you get a program for nothing that might cost $20,000 to develop independently. Most companies will charge you $20,000, offer no long term support and leave you out in the cold when the coding gets dated or stops working.

Since we own the programs, we continue to develop them, add new features and improve them as we get new customers that need more.

In our world, everyone wins. We make more money by getting more customers, you get full support and programs that are being updated regularly.


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