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By far the biggest product we have is our online shopping system. Without looking at the actual numbers I would say that almost half of our customers use the shopping cart for ecommerce online.

The cart just like other programs has evolved over the last decade and has become quite powerful as a result of working with thousands of customers one on one to give them the tools they need.

Unlike some of the more simple programs the eCommerce platform at pageBuzz.com is in a class of its own. With hundreds of supporting programs it is involved, extensive and powerful.

For more details on all the features see the Shopping Cart Features page while we add a brief list below to show some of the more common features of the pageBuzz ecommerce system.

The pageBuzz Shopping Cart offers:

  • 2500 product capacity

  • 4 images per item

  • 4 options with 100 choices each

  • 2 custom options

  • 10 Custom Content Fields

  • 4 Custom Descriptor Fields

  • Taxable / Nontaxable

  • Complete shipping system

  • Automated invoicing

  • Paypal payment or Merchant Card Processing

  • SSL Access to sales and invoices

  • Discounts and Promotions

  • Shipping Groups

  • Bulk Discounts & Quantity Discounts

  • Wholesale Accounts

  • Individual SEO tools per item

  • Automated picture sizing and Cropping

  • Image management tools

  • Inventory control for limited items

  • Inventory control by Options

  • Cross Selling

  • and on and on..........

Now the cart is so developed we could talk about it all day long, but what you want to know is if it will work for your business and in 90% of the cases it will as long as you have under 2500 products.

There are going to be other considerations and limits like the 400 options in 4 sets of 100. If you have 5, 6 or more option then the cart will not support it. Not that we could not add support for more, but then it just becomes so complicated that nobody can manage it.

Part of what we have done in limiting the size, number of products and options is to keep the cart affordable and simple to use.

If we had created a platform for 10,000 or 100,000 products it would require a different class of software and hardware and the skills to manage it would be much more technical. For the same reason you don't buy a $50,000 website for your business with a $10,000 a year support package.

We decided to stay in the small business category, home based retailers, small stores and shops that don't have an IT Department and geeks on call 24/7 at their finger tips. The crafters and artists that need a website to show off their work, the small gift shop with only a handful of items compared to large box retailers like Walmart.

Our cart will also limit what you can do because you don't have access to change the programming. So if the cart does not do what you need, you can't hire a programmer to do it for you. But most people don't have $20,000 extra to modify a shopping cart, so for the vast majority of users that is not a problem.

Our cart offers amazing flexibility in design with full access to the HTML and CSS.

The cart is loved by developers because they can build absolute designs and populate the designs with the data fields they desire. That means there is no limit to the design options since the data can be delivered directly to the webmasters page the way they want it.

Again, for most people, they are happy using one of the preset layouts for the cart style and then using the online tools they can quickly customize the look.

Easy to use tools make changing colors, adding tabbed content or rotating cross sell products as simple as one click. There is nothing to learn, nothing to know. When you don't know where to go, you just call for help. Believe it or not the help is included in the $20 a month hosting fee. So use as much as you like, whenever you need it.

Simplicity Has Made Us #1

There is no doubt that our simplistic approach has helped make us the #1 choice of online retailers.

Tools like the image uploading and automated thumbnail generation make adding items fast and easy even for the novice. There is no complex code, no HTML or no programming to worry about. Just load up the items and start selling.

After all, selling products is enough to manage, the least thing you need is to try to figure out how to build a website.

We take care of all of that for you with SSL credit card processing and secure payment gateways. Real time interfaces with UPS and Fedex to get real time shipping quotes. Features that require hundreds of hours of programming on normal websites but at pageBuzz.com they only require one click to add to any website.

Spending Time to Get Online

We commonly have new customers that call us after trying to get online for a year or more without success. After spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours they are still not online and selling.

We can typically get customers online the same day!

It does not take much time at all since our system is built for and ready for ecommerce. You sign up and you start adding products. With time saving tools like the inventory import we can often import 2500 products in minutes and have a completed store in a few hours or less.

Since we really specialize in ecommerce compared to other hosts that specialize in "Website Hosting" we don't bore you with how many SQL database connections you are allowed or how much disk space you need or what bandwidth or CPU option to choose. We just open your store and go!

Building an online store in 1998 or 2000 was a big deal, but today with ready to go programs users can be online in minutes with their very own website.

We have even simplified the page building process with our Drag and Drop website editor so beyond building your online store is even easier.

pageBuzz has not followed any of our competitors, we have unique tools and features that other companies cannot offer. We have a unique CMS that no other company has even envisioned. We have a different way of doing business that does not fit the corporate mold.

So we stand alone with our small business website hosting customers and provide tools that no other company will ever have.

While I would love to ell you how we have magic tools that let you build websites in minutes we don't. Websites do take a little bit of effort on your part. That means adding items, updating pages and writing what you want people to read. If you are wiling to do that then pageBuzz is a great option.

If you are not willing to do the work, then no cart will ever work for you because it takes work to make money.

If you think you want to try it out, take a look at our demo and try the shopping cart features. You will be amazed at how much a cart for $20 a month offers.

Our Experience Hosting Retail Websites

Since we started hosting back in 1997 we have hosted thousands of retail websites, originally building programming from the ground up and later offering complete solutions like we do now for $20 a month.

At one time retailers paid us thousands of dollars each moth to have us build and maintain their programming but now you get the benefit of that programming for just $20 a month.

In fact, the new programming makes the old stuff look like a run down 1915 Model T. It is sleek, have graphical user interfaces and much more programming than we ever though possible.

Each year our programs get better, do more and have more features. We build into new markets and develop new tools and technology t meet the new online standards.

For you to do this on your own i would be cost prohibitive and using a cheaper solution that is not actively developed will leave you behind in the long run.

Some of our customers have been with us since we opened BumblebBeeWorks back over a decade ago and the fact that the are still using the same cart, the same database and the same hosting service is a testament to how much we have added over the years.

Nobody will ever leave because we keep giving them more. We keep getting better and learning more.

Take a look at our programming updates and you will see how much we have added and when we added it. You can see how actively we add new features and develop our software and network.

As we learn more from you retailers we make changes, add options and new tools. For example when we opened we did not have a wish list or gift certificates. We added them later because our customers wanted them.

We added features like the discount groups for retailers that sell bulk items, we added return shipping for rental businesses and so on....

As we add more you get more and we have never raised the price for an existing customer. So what the rice is when you sign up will be the price you pay 10 years down the road.

While our price has almost trippled from the original $7.95 to $19.99 we still honor hundreds or customers still paying $7.95 because we value their loyalty. They have been a big part of our success and we hope that you will be a big part of our future.


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