Building Website Navigation Menus

Of course is a very unique website hosting system and particularly so in the method we use for creating navigation menus.

Our menus are dynamic based on the page or category names. Since those names often get deleted, changed or new ones are added, rather than building a new navigation menu each time you make a change we automate that process. By giving you tools to build custom menu designs that will always have the right pages listed you never have to worry about updating menus.

Our original platform allowed image buttons which are still very popular today. Using the online button generator you can create button images using any of the 20,000 fonts on premade or custom images. Or just use a plain color that matches the page for a nonbutton button look.

Here are some samples created by the button generator.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and there are really no limits to what you can create.

In time, we added CSS Menu tools, CSS presets and the Deluxe CSS Menu Builder. Recently we added a new button builder that supports features in newer browsers. So as the technology changes so do our tools which can do more, and have more updated looks to get you into the latest fads and design styles.

Standard Deluxe CSS Menu Builder
Offers text, borders, roll over effects and a real time preview as you make adjustments to the look of the menu.

Stylish Deluxe CSS Menu Builder
Similar to the original CSS builder but added rounded corners and preset color schemes so getting a great looking menu is as simple as choosing a color set.

Later we added drop down menus where you can have a heading and many options under that heading. But organizing positioning and assigning links is very complicated and only advanced users could do it.

So we added a DRAG & DROP Menu Builder. Just drag the buttons where you want them and save. When you want to make changes, just drag the buttons to a new location. We really did hit the nail on the head with this tool. It is simple, fast and easy enough for even the most basic users. Of course not as simple as the automatic menus but compared to our competitors, well, they are not even close. In fact, since we build all of our own tools and own the technology, nobody can even do this without infringing on our intellectual property rights.

Just drag the buttons from the list on the left over to the preview area on the right. Then switch to preview mode to see what the actual menu looks like.

No need for urls, o need to know anything more than which button you want where.

Allows you to create new buttons, change text and even add links. Use the buttons that automatically link to pages or even create your own to link to outside pages, websites or files.

At the heart of the menu builders is the dynamic delivery process we use to instantly determine which pages or categories need to be listed when users visit pages. Since updates need to be made in real time we have to deliver page lists in real time.

This is done by using a database type delivery system to send real time data to requested pages which can be populated with variable content using replacement strings or includes. In other words, we stick the names in the page for you.

But for the webmasters and web developers who have unique tools at their disposal, we have created many standard strings that can be delivered to pages to create even more custom menus.

Webmasters have full access to the html that gets inserted into the menu area of the website. The menu file can even use custom includes to insert other content, facebook status, twitter feeds, other social content or even RSS feeds.

The only reason a website design could not be done on pageBuzz would be because nobody tried to do it. The tools are endless and with full access to the html and css there is really no excuse for not being able to execute a design.

We offer advanced tools, multiple menu files and even a layout builder than can insert those dynamic menus into multiple positions in the pages. And even better, we offer our help at no extra charge. So when you don't understand how it works, the answer is just one phone call away.

Of course nobody has to use the dynamic strings to build menus. Any person, webmaster or developer can build a static navigation menus the same way it has been done for many years by the smaller sites that could not afford data driven pages. But you traded that old pager in for a cell phone, why not trade in that old website for something more up to date.

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