The Technology

When you talk about technology in a technology field it is a difficult conversation since it encompasses so many different aspects of the business.

Do we talk about how we have a datacenter with full online battery backup and a standby backup generator so we can run even when the entire city of Tampa is blacked out? Do we talk about our routing technology or fiber optic network?

Probably not because most of the major players have those as well.

We do have enterprise level servers with redundant everything which most of our competitors do not run, but nobody wants to hear about that either.

What we should talk about is the decade of proprietary software we have created from server redundancy to easy to use web tools. The thousands of programs and tools that make up the website builder and network management tools on the back end that we have created to keep everything running smoothly.

While the bigger companies hire hoards of employees to deploy servers, manage networks and set up new accounts, we have created software to do all of those things automatically.

If a server fails, a new server is deployed and all the data from the websites hosted on that servers are transferred from the main network storage to the new server. The process takes between 15 and 30 minutes and is fully automated. Of course this is only in the event of a catastrophic failure.

This is part of our ARTB system or "Almost Real Time Backup" and was developed over many years when we were unable to find any solution that would meet our needs.

During typically expected failures such as hard drives, power supplies, switches and so on, the system remains redundant so the websites never go offline. So while we can't make hardware repairs with software, the software can keep everything running until we can take the time to replace the field parts.

When it comes to setting up new accounts, adding DNS records to name servers or even canceling service the system is fully automated, so we never have to get involved unless something goes wrong which is very rare.

That leaves us full time to work with customers and help them manage their websites.

But the truth is, we don't get a lot of that either because our system is so streamlined and easy to use, most people are able to do everything without our help.

So lets talk about that technology. Other companies have site builders online, so what makes ours so different?

Ours was built for our customers and with our customers. When we would get too many calls because people were confused, we changed the program so it was not confusing. Created clear messages to steer them in the right direction and tell them exactly what to do or we just make the program do it for them.

Being small, we could not grow is we were overwhelmed with support calls, so we built the support into the programs. That makes it faster for the customer and again, frees us up to do other things like developing new programs.

So our system can pretty much run itself 24-7 with no employees watching it or sitting around watching cat videos on youtube in case there is a problem.

That makes it cheaper for us to operate and saves you money on hosting while getting a better product.

Of course the icing on the cake is our online CMS or "Content Management System" which has grown over more than a decade of nonstop programming.

W have added, built and tweaked day in and day out while our competitors have the same stale software they did 10 years ago with no changes. We add programs regularly while they sit on what they have and just keep telling their customers it is better than what the rest of us can offer.

Well, we have news for them, what they have is crap! The Internet has changes in 10 years, the technology has changed and we have changed with it. Nobody wants a website designed in 1995.

We have drag and drop and when we say "Drag and Drop" we actually mean it.

Other companies let you drag text into a box, maybe drag a picture into one or two designated areas on the page. We let you drag anything into anyplace. We have a drag and drop page editor, drag and drop image editors, drag and drop business card and printable forms builder, drag and drop menu builders and more.

When we say point and click we are not talking about choosing one of 3 designs, we are talking about, move this picture here, drag some text over there or even drag them over the top of each other.

Our system is more flexible, more robust and offers more in the way of design abilities than all of our competitors.

Our website programs are equally as impressive and extensive.

From a database driven shopping and ecommerce system to used car dealer and realestate galleries. Programs are managed like the professional companies, through dynamic pages delivered in real time.

Other companies make you build static pages that have to be manually edited, one by one every time you make a change.

Our system is the same type of system used by the big companies like walmart, amazon, ebay etc. Backed databases that provide information in real time as it is requested.

Those companies run millions of pages, so when they need to make a change, the can't edit millions of pages one by one. And even if you only have a hundred pages, it is still a lot of work and prevents you from making regular updates because of the time required. So your site becomes stale and eventually disapears from the search engines.

Lets say you have a website with 2000 products for sale and make a change to your shopping cart, it changes on all 2000 pages at the same time. You don't have to go in and edit each page like some of the other systems. You don't have to hire a webmaster or spend the next month doing it yourself, just a few clicks will change everything at once.

So when you want to offer a discount or have a sale, just a click here and a click there and you are done.

It is all about efficiency, you time is valuable and just like we automate our network, we automate your website so you can spend less time building and more time selling.

And there are far less noticed features such as the image uploading and thumbnail generation. Our system resizes images to fit in pages and creates the smaller images and links them to the bigger images. You just upload the pic and the software does the rest.

On many hosts, you need to create multiple sizes, upload them and the manually link the pictures. It takes more time, it is difficult to understand and will give most people a big headache if they don't quit first.

Of course, we were one of the first companies in the "Do It Yourself" website market so many of our ideas that we started with have been since used by other companies as well. But they are playing catch up, because we are still developing and adding new features on a regular basis. Updating users interfaces and making it even easier to build websites.

We bring the same automation to your website that we do to our own company and just like a handful of people can run this huge hosting network, you can run a website with thousands of products, countless sales and huge profits and still have time left to enjoy.

We always believed that evey business would need a website eventually and now that day has come. We also believed that a website does not have to consume a company or be a burden. It can be easy to build, manage and create new business and manage sales with very little effort as long as the right tools are available.

We think we have accomplished that goal with and our customers seem to agree.

If you want to know more about our technology, try our website builder demo and see for yourself.



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