Image Mapping Tool

Yes, that is right. an image mapping tool in a sitebuilder. We preach and preach how our sitebuilder is not like anything else out there and the advanced webmaster tools just go to a new level. But when you see an image mapping tool you know we have gone where other sitebuilders just fall short.

If you are not a webmaster and wonder what an image map is, it is this simple. You can upload a single photo often adorned with text or messages that you want to link to pages or websites. In most cases you can only link the entire image to one link.

With an image map you can map out different areas and shapes on the image and link them to different locations. One good example of an image map is this clickable map of the United States. The image is just one image but each state links to a page about starting a business in that state. This is normally a very complex process assigning coordinates to points on the images and link locations into an image map. There are some very advanced tools for creating these maps but who want to buy them, install it and learn how to use it when you only need to link an image or two?

The online tool lets you create image maps for any of the images on your website including the titlepsace at the top of your pages. That means you can drop and drag text layers over your image then link them to email address, contact forms, website pages and so on.

For the webmasters reading this, you know what a headache it is to create image maps, get the link paths correct and meet all the web browser compatibility issues to make it work on IE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and all the others. So having a tool online, that inputs the code for you is just a dream.

The fact is, most webmasters just avoid image mapping altogether because of the issues and difficulty level. With this image mapping tool anyone can do it and in just seconds.

If you are a webmaster you are wondering how a do it yourself sitebuilder can reach these levels. Maybe you have been sleeping for the last few years, but people are getting smarter and they want more out of their websites. The tools we are developing online are tools that once did not exists because of demand. Now our customers are demanding it and we have responded with a full suite of advanced tools.

These advanced tools can make developing top tier websites a snap for experienced webmasters, these tools will make your job easier so that you can spend your time on design and providing the most for your client for the least amount of money.

Are we taking money out of the webmasters pocket by giving the average user these types of tools? We don't think so. We think webmasters will adapt just as the hosting market has adapted to the changes in demand.

There will always be a need for experienced webmasters and our online site builder tools will help those webmasters reach new levels in design.


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