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pageBuzz is a family owned and operated home based business, or at least we run our business operations from home while our servers sit securely in our own private datacenter. So you don't have to worry that one of our pets will unplug your website or that we are serving pages through our DSL modem.

We write our own software, we mange our own servers and we build our own graphics. You wont find another hosting system like ours, because we built it from the ground up based on feedback from our clients.

Our experience in website hosting goes back to 1997 but our entry into do it yourself sites with our own sitebuilder started in 2004. We have years of experience running our network and with hosting in general as well as running our own websites. We have always developed Content Management Systems for clients but never before for the general public and never at such low prices.

pageBuzz has evolved since 2004, originally starting as a newer version of the BumblebeeWorks.com hosting platform. We have used all of the comments from our clients to shape the tools and features so they are easy to use and powerful enough to run their business. Because we answer our own phones we get those comments daily directly from our clients.

Since we answer our own phones, your calls wont be routed to a call center in India. We enjoy working with customers so we get first hand insight into what they need and want. We are at the front line of support and in the back rooms securing data and writing new software to keep our customers ahead of their competition and up to date with new standards.

If your shopping cart does not work we have no place to hide. You call us and let us know, we fix it. We don't tell you we submitted a work order last week to the programmers, we are the programmers. It's efficient and gives you piece of mind.

We enjoy being small but we think big with high end networks and nearly a million dollars in hardware running our website hosting network. We create proprietary systems that other companies can't provide yet we speak in simple English that you can understand. We don't try to confuse people and we don't hard sell people.

We don't really want customers that won't be with us long term or dreamers that expect to get rich quick. Building any business requires effort and patience. We look for customers that have the long term goals in mind and we are happy to work with them as they grow.

As for the get rich quick people, our patience is low and we tend to send them off to other hosts that don't have any ethics and are just in it for the money. There are a million or more hosts that will take your money for bad ideas, but we are not one of them.

We want our customers to understand their websites since we need their business to be successful if we want to keep them as hosting customers. We want to work with real people, deal with real problems and make real progress.

If you are somebody that has an idea and cannot stick with it for more than a few days then you probably want to work with another host. If you think you will be making piles of cash next month, then you probably want to look for another host. If you don't like hard work and you are lazy but still expect to make money, you should probably look for another host.

On the other hand if you do work hard, make an honest effort and grow as you learn then we are happy to work with you as much as you need to build your business.

This business is very personal for us, we built it over years and years of hard work and at great expense. We offer an incredible product but we don't expect it to fit everyone and we fully understand that people move from hosting company to hosting company in search of the right fit. We try to please everyone, but it is not always possible and we happily assist people in moving on if they choose. Even when people hate us.

We get upset when people are mean and smile when people are nice, we are just average people with a not so average product.

We support our own product, so we don't have time limits in answering your questions or department managers looking over our shoulder telling us to cut calls short. We can do what we want when we want and we don't have to submit work orders and wait for things to get done.

We are not a Yahoo, Quickbooks or a Godaddy, we are just us. A few people with a great attitude who like what we do and are very successful at it.

We are open about our size and the fact that we work from home because it gives our customers confidence in us. They get to know us as people and not as support rep #12. The know how hard we work and they know if there are system issues we are on top of it. They know they can call us and get real answers and not just submit a support ticket and hope that something positive happens in the next 3 days.

Our customers depend on their websites, they expect performance and they need help now and not next week. They need help from someone that knows what is going on and not some trained monkey that is reading instructions from a book.

As a small business we can offer a service that the big companies can't possibly match. We get to know our clients and their needs and as we see opportunities we adjust programs to meet their individual requirements.

If you ride with us, it wont be like any other experience and you wont be a number in a database of 2 million customers, you will have our respect as a business owners knowing the hardships of running a small business ourselves.

We could list all of our accomplishments and successes and talk about the millions of dollars we have made online. But that is not what we are about or what you want to hear.

What you need to hear is what we can do for you. Our system speaks for itself. Unlike other companies you can dial our number and speak to the owners directly, ask all of your questions and get real answers from real business people.

Our business model is a $20 hosting product, so we don't work with fortune 500 companies or have offices in 50 states. But we do work with people that have no idea about technology, no idea how to build a website but still need one for their business and they need our help to make that happen.

We bring a personal element to an industry which has been very impersonal and technical. We try to make it fun and friendly and present it in a way that an average person can understand it. So far, it is working very well and our customer base is expanding daily.



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