Editing HTML & CSS on pageBuzz.com

It is well known even by novices that the Internet is made up of HTML pages which are the basis for all web browsers and the foundation of the Internet itself.

But most people will never be hand typing HTML even when building their own websites. That is because so many drag and drop and WYSIWYG programs are available. Yet, there is always a limited need to be able to edit the HTML of pages to make changes that may not be possible with the editors being used.

For that reason each of the WYSIWYG Editors do allow you to accesses and edit the HTML of the page.

We also have an additional HTML access with no interference from the javascript based editors so no changes will be made to the inputed HTML.

We recognize that no editor can allow for every circumstance and it is the uniqueness that each webmaster dreams up that facilitates the fast paced growth of the Internet.

So we have created tools that will not interfere with new ideas that go beyond the scope of the WYSIWYG Editors.

Any user can pull up the HTML for any page and make changes to the Markup Language.

This allows the inserting of javascript, slideshows and other elements that are not specifically included as standard features in the pageBuzz system.

This very basic tool means that webmasters are completely unrestricted as to what elements they can have in a webpage.

Our goal is to provide all the tools that any webmaster or web developer would need while making the basic tasks much easier to achieve.

Hand coding HTML is pretty archaic and takes time so having a good tool to support that type of work is very important.

We also provide direct upload directories so that files can be uploaded as prepared on other software or editors, however, the files may not be edited later using the online tools since they lack the needed formating required by the pageBuzz CMS.

Whichever the case, all efforts are made to insure that every part of the HTML of every page can be edited if needed.


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