The pageBuzz eCommerce Shopping Cart

Our shopping is provided as a standard feature for every website hosted on our network, no extra charge, no extra fees. It has become one of the primary tools of our customer base making it one of the core products of our hosting service.. The biggest reason is the simplicity and ease of use. Our cart is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms available, but we have simplified the process so anyone can use it and understand it.

This page will list many of the features of our shopping cart but don't be afraid of all the technology. It is simple to use and fully supported by email and phone. Just call us for help and all the scary parts will make sense. You are never alone when you do not understand an order or when adding a new feature has you confused. Can you really even put a value on quality phone support when your business is at stake?

Try calling our competitors and see how helpful they are and see if they really understand their own software. Usually they just tell you that you can do everything you need, that is until you actually try to do it, then you are on your own.

So lets talk about what our shopping cart offers. It is a small to mid level ecommerce platform not intended for large retailers like or so the tools are based on the needs of small retailers.

The total capacity of the cart is 2500 items which puts a cap on the size of the businesses using it. We set limits to insure we can provide the full hosting service for $20 a month. We could never provide walmart with a shopping cart for $20 a month and we would never try. Other hosting companies that offer large retailers carts with 50,000+ products have complex and expensive systems designed to meet the needs of very large companies with shipping warehouses and hundreds of employees.

Since our shopping cart is designed for the smaller business it is less complex and offers unique features that only small business need.

Most businesses cannot afford the ecommerce systems that those major retailers use and without a sizable staff of programmers and webmasters they could never even manage the website.

If you are a small business and you are looking at an ecommerce solution that advertises how they provide services to fortune 500 companies, then you are probably looking at the wrong hosting solution for your business.

Look at what our shopping cart offers:

Item Management - Simple fill in the form to add items. Upload photos, edit the descriptions. Easy to o back and manage items, change any of the fields and update stock levels.

  • Add and remove items
  • Edit items, descriptions, prices and quantities in real time
  • Upload photos to items
  • Change categories
  • Change stock numbers
  • Full WYSIWYG editing support

Category Management - Manage the item categories, rename, add new or remove entire categories such as clearance items that sold out.

  • Add
  • Rename
  • Remove an entire category of items in one click

Multiple Cart Styles & Looks - with 4 unique carts to choose from and countless settings for each the number of looks is endless. Keep it simple with the basic browse or go all out with the estore's pop over displays and over the top effects. Each of the carts allows for customization from clickable design options to full access to the actual page code. So the sky is the limit with the page styles and design options.

  • Browse pages
  • eStore
  • bCart
  • simpleCart

Customize Each Layout ( for advanced users ) - When the countless looks we have will not get your page in the style you want, don't worry. Each item page, shopping cart, menu and layout can be fully customized using css or html. For convenience we provide the standard layouts html which can be modified by a designer or anyone with experience. Or build the pages from scratch. Upload custom templates or just change the layout to make it just the way you want it.

Search Inventory - Allows users to search your store by keywords. There is also a search feature in the management area to help when managing items.

  • Basic keyword search
  • Advanced search by category, price and keywords
  • Add a sort form
  • Sort by price, newest, stock number

Payment Options - Collect Paypal or Credit cards. Most small merchants start with paypal then later upgrade to a merchant account as sales permit. Real time processing provided via the authourizenet gateway which is compatible with most merchant accounts.

  • Collect sales tax
  • block sales by location
  • Collect payments by paypal standard
  • Collect sales by paypal website payments pro
  • Collect credit cards
  • Pay later feature allows order processing without payment

Shipping Options - Standard rate tables provided by weight, real time UPS and Fedex quotes or create your own shipping rates or structure. Shipping calculator can even count the number of boxes and set rates on the total packages being shipped. Over the years we have had so many different requests for shipping options and we have tried to accommodate everyone, so most likely we have what you need.

  • US Mail, Fedex, UPS rates provided
  • Real time UPS, Fedex shipping quotes
  • Build Domestic, Canadian and International rate tables
  • Ship by weight, quantity, price
  • Flat rate options
  • In store pickup
  • Local delivery rate table by zip code
  • Calculates the number of packages in an order
  • Calculate secondary or return shipping from alternate location for rental items or core returns
  • Shipping groups to assign different rates to different products for large freight items or drop ships
  • Handling fees
  • Free threshold

Product Options - Set product options such as sizes and colors. With 4 options users can choose 4 unique options such as a size large in black. Or a necklace, size 12 inch, barrel clasp, bead type and even enter a name to have engraved.

  • 4 sets of options with up to 100 choices each
  • 2 additional customer entered options

Custom Fields - In addition to the product options we offer 10 custom fields that can be used for unique descriptors, comments or features. This allows for many different product lines that have unique display requirements or for internal reference and inventory tracking. Each field can be added to display pages or just used internally only.

Affiliate Program - Run your own in house affiliate marketing program. Set payout percentages, allow discounts based on the affiliate for promotions. Fully automated and tracked, affiliates login to track their own sales and commissions.

  • Automated or manual signup
  • Sales tracking
  • Affiliate login with stats and payouts
  • Automated banner and link generation
  • Banner upload
  • Master affiliate management tools
  • Affiliate discounts

Wholesale Program - lets anyone sell wholesale and retail. Wholesalers will login to get their discounts which can be priced for each item or set by % of the order. Pricing can be different for different wholesale customers.

  • Create / Manage wholesale accounts
  • Wholesaler login
  • Wholesale pricing by item or % discounts
  • Wholesale prices not available to retail customers

Advanced Inventory Management - The advanced tools such as the import and export allow easy integration into existing business software. Update quantities or information with one file using a spreadsheet and upload to update all 2500 items in one click.

  • Import data
  • Export data
  • Export google/froogle files for online marketing
  • Complete inventory printable lists

Gift Certificates - Sell gift certificates that are issued automatically and redeemed right on the website. Users can check the remaining value, apply part of the gift certificate to an order or all to an order for more than the value and pay the balance in the checkout process.

  • Automated purchase
  • Automated checkout
  • Customer can check $ remaining on a gift certificate
  • Spend all or part of the value
  • Apply the value to an order of greater
  • Create gift certificates manually for retail sale

Multi Image Support - Add multiple images to an item, choose from different display options.

  • Add up to 4 images per item in cart (affects total cart capacity)
  • Add full HTML descriptions or additional images to each item

Random Feature - Set 3, 4 images that can be pulled randomly from a category or the entire inventory which will rotate in a page for dynamic content on regular pages.

  • add to any page

Image Slider - Pull 5 to 20 images from the crat inventory and display them on any page in a slider format allowing visitors to scroll through your items with images, descriptions and prices.

  • add to any page

Image Upload with Order - If you are doing custom work and need an image uploaded as part of the order you can specify which items require this option and the user will be instructed to upload the image in the checkout process.

  • Specify only items that require image
  • Set all items to require customer image upload

Discount Groups - Excellent marketing tool that allows promotions such as buy one get one free, quantity discounts, percentages off, buy one get one for half price and so on.

  • Buy one get one free
  • buy any number get any number for % off
  • Buy any number get any number for $ set value
  • Quantity discounts
  • $ discounts if spending over set value
  • Set number of occurances in an order
  • Set multiple discount groups

Coupon Codes - Create unique coupon codes for promotions.

  • Allow free shipping with coupon
  • Allow $ off with coupon
  • Allow % off order with coupon

Cross Selling Items - Set items that should be displayed with other items for cross selling.

  • Add to any item page all carts supported

  • Use preset stock numbers for items to be displayed on each item page

  • Use random items from complete inventory

  • Use random items from one category or the same category as the item

  • Use links, descriptions, prices and names as well as images

Inventory Control - If you have limited quantities or one of a kind items the inventory control will deduct items when sold.

  • Prevent purchase of more than in stock
  • Mark as out of stock when quantity reaches 0
  • Warn if trying to buy more than available in stock

Inventory Control by Item Options - If you have a red t-shirt but you have 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small. You need to set the quantity for each option. The inventory control program will deduct the quantity from the option, remove that option when all are sold and so on until all of the items are sold. Works on the first level of options up to 100 options, no quantity limits.

Image Editing & Effects - Edit images once they are uploaded. Add frames, watermarks, logos etc to make the site look more professional.

  • Resize images
  • Add watermarks or text
  • Add composite images or logos
  • Add frames, borders or special effects

Custom Content Fields - Add up to 4 custom fields that can be added to item pages automatically or by creating custom layouts. This allows for unique details that only apply to your products.

  • Automated tabbed content fields
  • Use custom content fields in custom layouts
  • edit fields using WYSIWYG editor

Remote Buy URL - Allows a per item redirect to an outside website. Can be used as an affiliate marketing tool or to redirect customers to drop ship sites to place orders.

eCommerce layouts - The management system allows for ecommerce and boutique layouts which automatically integrate the shopping cart category menu into all of your website pages. If the store if the main focus of your website, this option makes it simple to manage the menu. The standard layouts normally have one link to the shopping cart but no cart navigation on the main pages.

Secure Server - the secure server account is a remote secure server that stores orders and customer information that cannot be transmitted over a standard http connection.

  • Secure checkout over encrypted certified connection
  • Search sales by name, phone, address
  • Search / list invoices
  • Get sales reports
  • Manage card types
  • Ban unwanted cards
  • Ban sales by country
  • Set minimum order size
  • Automatic order notification by email, buyer & merchant
  • Printable invoices
  • Set invoice order status
  • Customize response page & order emails

Item Display Page Customization - You get full access to the display page code even if you are using the preset options. So adding things like share buttons, pintrest or other social media to each page is very simple. And even if it is does seem not simple to you, you can always call for help and we are happy to assist.

Inventory and Page Stats - This is not part of the shopping cart but people are looking for information about which items are being viewed and the traffic they have from search engines. We provide all that data in the webstats section of the management console along with all the other CMS features and other programs.

Test out any of the features by clicking on the demo links on our website. Login and look for the shopping cart management page. Check out all of the tools and features to see for yourself how manageable it all is.

Webmaster / Web Developer Friendly - Even though our cart is designed for small businesses we recognize that webmasters often need tools to make the carts unique for each business. That is why we have designed so many advanced features into the ecommerce cart which can be added with simple clicks. Then each webmaster can modify the actual page code using only the data they choose to be delivered in real time and assembled exactly the way they have designed the pages. Since they have complete access to the raw data populating the pages there is no design possibility that cannot be accomplished. They can build the entire design from scratch or start with one of our layouts and make changes.

Remember, this is just the shopping cart. We have loads of other programs with many features as well as page building tools, website stats and tracking and all of the other stuff that you will likely need to manage your website.

If you need something that you do not see on the list, call and ask. It is possible we might be able to add in the future it or we may have already added it since this page was posted.

OK, the pageBuzz shopping cart is not going to send the order to your shipping department, process your payroll by accessing all of your time clocks, call fedex, ups and the us mail, then add it to your account automatically while packaging the items with automated robots. But it does what most small businesses need and you will not have to fight around all the extras that the large retailers require.

We have built the cart based on over 15 years of experience working with online merchants. Many of the features are based on those $50,000.00 software packages but scaled down so regular people who can afford a $20 shopping cart will get value from it.

Don't think that our low price makes our shopping cart any less powerful than our competitors. In fact ours is much better and offers features that most of them have never considered. We continue to add new features to keep up with technology and marketing trends. You will not find a more actively developed system anywhere at any price.

I am sorry, but if that is not enough information to convince you I don't know what else to say. If you are still not a believer, try out our competitors and see how that works for you. When you have wasted enough time and money and are completely frustrated, remember that we are here with a truly unique product that will save you money, time and make your business work better.

Of course the final decision is up to you. Our cart is not the right fit for every business and we have intentionally avoided several markets such as digital downloads which we do not support. We did not want a cart that does everything, we built a shopping cart that does what it does as well as it can be done.

If you are considering using our shopping cart, go over the features, make sure it has what you need and make the best decision you can for your business. If you have questions just call us, we will not tell you it will work if it won't. We would rather tell you no than support you while building something you just can't use.

Ultimately we want customers that will be with us long term. If your business cannot use what we have or we cannot support you down the road we will tell you before it costs both of us valuable time and resources.



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