Advanced Web Page Layouts

The advanced website layouts offer unique page setups that can be customized without using a themed template.

Each layout is broken into page sections letting you decide where the page navigation menu will be, the colors of each section, the position of your company logo or titlespace image and so on. The advanced layouts allow anyone to be a website designer, set a unique color scheme and build a design that suits their own business.

Using numbers sections of the pages and a color selector tool you can set the colors with simple mouse clicking and clicking save. The image below show the color selector and one of the sectioned advanced layouts.

As you select each of the colors the page will display a sample of the colors and the layout. Once you have the combination you like you click save and your entire website is updated with the new theme.

Add in a few photos, make some menu buttons and you have your very own design unlike anything else online.

We call the layouts advanced not because they are hard to use but rather because it does require a sense of style to get a good color scheme. It is very easy to make an advanced layout look unprofessional. It is a great tool for people that have a grasp on what colors work and can arrange those in a unique manner.

The rest of us will stick with the standard layouts and templates that have been designed for us by professional designers.


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