Mark's 2 Cents!

This is Mark's video blog giving his years of experience building and managing websites in short informational videos. Learn SEO, page building or anything else about managing websites and running your business online. More videos wil be added as time permits. Check back for updates or subscribe to our youtube channel to be notified when new videos are added.


Video / Article Index

8/28/13 Compare Professional Webmaster's Dreamweaver with pageBuzz Drag & Drop Editor. [ Video] [Text Version]

8/24/13 Trusting your webmaster too much? Take a better look. [ Video] [Text Version]

8/20/13 Why We Empose Limits on Upload etc. [ Video] [Text Version]

8/16/13 Understanding Your Limits when building your website. Keep it managable. [ Video] [Text Version]

8/15/13 Lets Talk about Google Analytics, Pros and Cons of this free service. [ Video] [Text Version]

8/13/13 Try not to over build your website. Too much of a good thing can hurt you. [ Video] [Text Version]

7/21/13 Why is my website not listed in google, bing or yahoo? [ Video] [Text Version]

6/19/13 Why do you need a website at all? [ Video] [Text Version]

6/14/13 Do you need a mobile optimized website? [ Video] [Text Version]

6/12/13 The truth about SEO and your website. [ Video] [Text Version]





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