Webhosting For Rental Properties

pageBuzz.com is one of the best places to host website for rental properties because we have worked with property owners and managers for many years and have created the tools they need.

We also understand the market because we have work with so many people in it and as well as being a web developer I have also done construction, plumbing, roofing, electrical and even drywall and I am familiar with what it takes to repair and manage these properties.

Together we can work on the web resources that you need and what fits into your business model.

I created the Availability calendar for Vacation Rentals and hotel / motel business models with daily or weekly rentals. But I also work with many people that manage 5 or 10 properties and want to keep online profiles so when a house needs to be rented they are ready to go with pictures, descriptions and information that makes it easy to advertise the property for rent.

Obviously at $20 a month we are not the cheapest option for website hosting but we the best option when you consider that you can call support 7 days a week and get help. We are likely the cheapest in the do it yourself website hosting market if you don't understand building from raw HTML and FTP. Also and more importantly consider things like our Availability Calendar and Real Estate Webhosting Program that has ready to go tools to list 100 properties with 25 photos and all the data you need. Maybe you need additional photo galleries or the tools to collect payments online, we have that as well.

>>Try our Website Hosting Demo and see for yourself how it works.

There are very few webhosts that specialize in this market but that is exactly what we do. We find niche markets like property managers and create the tools they need so we can quickly become the most popular in the rental property webhosting market.

We have also addressed the Real Estate Market, Used Car Dealers and of course online shopping and ecommerce as one of our biggest and most used products.

Now don't get me wrong, we are not a super sized company like Godaddy.com, but when you call them and try to figure out how to build a website they try to squash you into one of the programs like the shopping cart or photo gallery which are very general and for the most part useless in your application.

But at pageBuzz webhosting for rental properties we have tools that were created just for you. Tools to show when a property is available and when it is rented.

  • We specifically created 2 galleries for the real estate program so you could move properties from the sold or rented group into the for sale or available group.

  • Once you list the property and upload 25 photos, they remain in the gallery and with one click you can make them available for rent.

  • This saves time if you have multiple properties and don't want to keep updating your website everytime one of the properties is available for rent.

  • Sold or Rented properties can be displayed online or hidden from visitors and only displayed when you have a vacancy.

Why we created tools for rental properties

The reason we got into the webhosting for rental properties was because some of our ecommerce clients had rental properties and needed websites.

At the time we did not have the diverse flexible tools we have today so we needed tools to address that particular market and we worked with the people we had to create the tools they wanted.

Once of those tools was the availability calendar which support up to 100 properties or rooms and can be updated with simple clicks.

For our customers that have 2 to 3 months of vacation rentals each year either by the week or daily this was a life saver. It allowed them to show when their property was available and avoid hundreds of phone calls and emails asking if it was available each week.

We later added the drag and drop editing and real estate galleries which allow for very simple ways to show off the properties.

We have worked with cabin rentals in up state NY, hotels in Hawaii, beach bungalows in Florida and other property owners all over the United Sates. Some have year round rentals some have seasonal rentals.

The availability calendar also works well for fishing guides, hunting guides and other related services that may be offered on a daily basis. When you get a booking, just check off that day and people see that you are booked.

We also have our Simple Calendar program which is a lot like a standard wall calendar, except you can type into the date boxes and display it on your website. With a limit of 50 calendars per account you can create calendars of events or even use it in place of the availability calendar. Whatever your need is, we have programming to address it.

And the reason we have programming is that we built it for our customers years ago and continue to improve it today. While the people at Godaddy try to get you to use the photo gallery (at an extra cost no less) our customers have custom tools designed for just what they are doing.

But we offer more than just Webhosting for Rental Properties

We offer websites for almost all small businesses and that means we have tools that go way beyond what a smaller more specialized business will have.

When we created our business it was very specific and specialized. We had target markets and we knew what they wanted, at least we though we knew what they wanted. But soon it was clear we needed more flexibility and had to give the website owners more control of pages and products.

Ever customer had a different idea, a different plan and wanted to market differently, so we added more flexibility to programs and pages.

Now we stand as one of the TOP Website Hosting platforms for small businesses. With full drag and drop page editing and all the programs you can imagine. We have image builders, graphics tools and programs for all types of businesses.

We have come a long way from our original bumblebeeworks.com platform which was just a simple fill in the box type website management.

But we have done it in a way that is easier, simple and anyone can do themselves. We know this because we work with thousands of anyones to give them what they need.

So if you want to offer:

  • boat rentals

  • fishing trips

  • hunting guides

  • food and meals

  • car rentals

  • or anything else

  • along with your property rental, we can help.

Our system can support any small business no matter what you want to show or market. Building a website on pageBuzz.com is simple, easy and as flexible as a blank canvass ready to paint.

We are different that the other website hosts because we don't give you a paint by numbers style template, we work with you to create a custom design and the programs you need to run your business and we do it all for just $20 a month.


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