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From 2004 to 2012 we maintained a strict line of only providing website hosting and all the help our customers needed at no extra charge. Unfortunately, the help they needed was with website design and nobody wanted to build websites on because that required them to learn something new. So in the tradition of lazy designers and so called professional webmasters they just told our customers to move someplace else that they already knew how to use.

The problem with that is the customers could not manage their website, had no support and usually came back asking us for help to move.

So we were forced to offer full website design to give our customers the designs that they wanted at affordable prices without being forced to give up all the tools and features at

Our typical designs are just $299.00 and include the full 5 page standard website.

We will take your content, videos, articles, images, logos etc, and create a custom design with all of the main pages completed.

Of course, the website will only be as good as what we are provided, so if your 5 year old drew your logo on a napkin, then we don't have much to work with, do we?

The design is up to the customer, we just put it together.

We don't like to make the color choices or create the design blind. We need your input, you feedback as we create something that truly represents your company.

Once the design is completed, you have full control of the website to make changes, updates and add more pages as needed and we strongly suggest you do that regularly.

Don't sit on a 5 page website design and wait for customers. The idea of the first 5 pages is to get you started with a great design and format that you can grow and expand over time. Add more, write articles and add information about your business.

We try to keep all the tools in play, so you can modify menus add pages and change elements when you desire or it is required.

The problem we have had with "Professional Webmasters" (who have built a tiny fraction of the sites we have) is that they want control. They don't want the customer to be able to change their design or add something to a page that will make it look ugly. They want to tie your hands behind your back so you don't get your fingerprints on their work.

I am not just saying that, this is what they tell me. They don't want anyone to screw up their designs.

That is kind of the opposite of what pageBuzz is all about.

We want the website owner to have control, make updates and use the website to make money, not to sit on the wall to admire as an expensive piece of art.

Websites are important tools in todays business, webmasters just don't get that.

So we are phasing them out by creating less expensive and better quality work for anyone on

Just give us a call and we can talk about what we can do for you and what we need to do that.

If you need extra services, we can set that up as well. Whatever you need to get where you want to be, we can handle all of it so you don't have to worry about anything.

But don't call us first. Call our competitors like Godaddy and get an estimate and see what they will do for you. Call some website design firms ad get prices and find up what they want to support you whenever you need it.

Look at the tools they offer you and compare that to what we offer.

When you compare what we give you for $20 to what they will charge many thousands for, you will better understand the value in what we offer.

We offer a very unique opportunity as a small business and can provide something that no other company can offer. They are actually our best sales people, becuase they want 10 times as much for far less than what we provide.

If you are worried that we can't maintain that business model, we have grown every year since starting the do it yourself websites in 2003 now over 10 years and we are still here. So what we do in spite of the cost does make money and keep us growing.


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