Advanced Web Mater Tools & Resources sitebuilder has grown up over the last few years. While other companies are offering the exact same products they were when they opened, we continue to develop and add new tools for webmasters and website design. Listed below are some of the advanced tools we have added to the sitebuilder. Just login to the demo to try any of them out.

If you review these tools you will realize the level of detail and the comprehensive nature of our site builder. Many of the advanced tools are used by leading webmasters and developers to build highly advanced web 2.0 designs and advanced ecommerce websites.

This list of tools is to show the webmasters and developers that are considering using pageBuzz that we offer much more than just a do it yourself site builder for average users. Our advanced tools provide experienced webmasters and web developers with quick and easy programs to speed up the website development process.

Online Page Editors - There are 5 unique editors, Simple, Drag & Drop, Basic, Advanced and Professional to allow anyone the level of editing that they can understand. Our most popular Drag and Drop web page editor turns everyone into a professional webmaster in minutes. But of course you are always free to use your own editors such as dreamweaver or front page and copy and paste the page into the website.

Deluxe Layout Builder - Build basic layouts that can be edited at any time. Simple realtime preview to set colors, sizes, borders and menu position. Build custom layouts in just seconds.

Image Editing Tools - One of the most comprehensive sets of image management tools available. Once you have uploaded photos you can edit, resize, rotate, crop, drop shadow, Polaroid, build composites from multiple images, add text layers, opacity, borders, frames and more. The drag and drop composite tools let you position layers with your mouse and save the completed images. Add simple watermarks or complex graphics. More than 5000 png files included in the clipart library.

Image Composite Tool - This is like having photoshop online. Create layers, drag into position, add text layers, art or images and arrange them as you want. Just save the image and a new jpeg is in your gallery ready to use. Want more? Open it with the image mapping tool and add links for some design effects on your website.

CSS Menu Builders - With the popularity of CSS menus we have added a simple CSS menu builder that lets anyone build custom roll over menus. A more advanced version allows the construction of multi level drop down menus without any CSS knowledge.

Multi Level Menu Builder - Build a multi level dropdown menu with ease using a deluxe menu interface that shows colors and effects in real time as you make changes. To set the links and names on the buttons it is now just drag and drop. Simply drag the pages into the position you want and save. We have simplified the drop down menu so anyone can do it..

Fictitious Redirects - You have all seen the tinyurl services online used on twitter and facebook. With pageBuzz you can create your own shortened urls using your domain name and build your own traffic.

Custom Includes - Create custom files, css, html, javascript, forms and add it to a file which can be inserted into a page using a simple replacement string. This features allows you to use complex code that is not editor friendly or to use the same components in many pages called from one file.

Custom Template Upload - Create your own template or layout and upload the files into the template tools. Commonly used by advanced designers to upload designs for their clients while still providing full access to all of the sitebuilder tools and control of editing pages without impacting the website design.

Contact Form Builder - Simple tool to let anyone build feedback and contact forms. Just fill in the blanks and save the page. Modify at anytime to update forms and required elements.

Deluxe Web Form Builder - This upgraded interface allows you to build up to 50 forms per website adding text boxes, text areas, drop down menus, instructions etc. Simply drag and drop to set order on page, delete or add fields. No limit to the types forms you can build for your website.

Slideshow Builder - Upload up to 10 photos and choose the options such as size, frame rate and display options and you have an animated slideshow you can add to any page.

Deluxe Slideshow Builder - The new interface allows drag and drop slideshow building. Add as many or as few images as you need, set transitions, time and effects and save. Best part is you can build up to 50 per website and go back and use the same tool to edit them later with updated images or modify the settings.

Animated Titlespace Builder - Similar to the slideshow the top of each website can be animated by uploading multiple images and setting the display rate. This process is made even more exciting with the composite image tools. Add logos, graphics or text to the title image and run an animated sequence with each frame changing.

Banner Builder - Use any of the over 1000 banner blanks or set size and colors to create custom advertising banners for affiliate programs or link exchanges. Three unique builders from simple up to the image composite editor can all be used to build custom advertising banners.

Image Mapping Tool - Create complex image link maps of images on pages or in titlespaces. Click and outline link sectors and generate html code to copy and paste into pages or using the custom includes feature.

Advanced Website Statistics - While we have simplified the data so it makes more sense we offer the most advanced breakdown, graphs and trends of your website traffic. View what people are searching for and how they are finding your website, how many time google, msn and yahoo are accessing your pages. Get a running 6 month report on where your pages are placed in the search engines. If you are on google page one, the stats will show you that and what pages and which keywords you are listed for.

Search Engine Submission - Let our automated SEO tools take you as high as you can go in the searches. Advanced link backs and keyword submission tools insure your pages will be found. The most advanced seo methods allowed by the search engines are employed with every website automatically based on designated keywords and phrases.

Real Time Back Ups - pageBuzz is one of the only site builders running on enterprise level servers with full redundancy and realtime backups. Data is duplicated over multiple servers for full redundancy insuring that sites are accessible, fast and your website edits won't vanish overnight.

Business Card and Forms Builder - A new feature that allows website owners to build custom business cards, invoices, forms, company letterhead and print it right from the website management console. Keep a cohesive look with your company logo on all of your paperwork and forms. You design the artwork and give your customer the ability to use it as they need it.

pageBuzz is just better!

The fact is, pageBuzz is not just for the novice webmaster anymore. Todays pageBuzz is bigger, better and has more to offer than any other CMS or online site builder. Professional webmasters have online tools they never dreamed could be done. The speed at which sites can be built and edited is simply amazing because it is done real time online without FTP interfaces or slow publishing tools.

If you are used to using old style tools get over it. The new way of thinking is faster, more efficient and taking over. I don't see a long cord dragging behind you attached to your phone. So why is the website design attached to one computer? Are you stuck in 1999? Move on and get with the new technology and build your websites online on

No need to manually edit html, create pages with includes and worry about uploading files into the correct directories. No need to install programs or to go learn programming just to get something to work. We have done all that for you, just login and build.

The learning curve for great webmasters should be just a few hours at most. Since you already understand the concepts learning where the tools are and how they work is not hard at all.

If you build one site on pageBuzz, you will never use anything else. If you refuse to try, then you will never know how truly simple webpage building can actually be. It will save you time and your customers money. If you can shave the costs for web design, that means you will have more work and make more money.

There is nothing like having the right tools to build websites ad at you will find the right tools for building amazing websites.

We continue to add new tools and features to the website builder regularly. See the programming updates for full details. The new line of Deluxe tools show our commitment to bring new and exciting website building tools to the game. While you are busy using old tools designed 10 years ago your competition is using the latest and greatest created yesterday with the newest technology available.

Don't forget your CUSTOMERS!

Lets not forget about who you are servicing, your customers. They have to live and work with the finished website for years to come. Giving them the tools they need to make updates, run an online store or expand in the future is critical.

So many webmasters only care about what is easy for them and they forget that the end users don't have the experience and knowledge to do anything with it. So customers are left with a pile of crap that does nothing more than look good and does not help their business.

pageBuzz is the best of both worlds. Built specifically to be user friendly but with enough advanced features that webmasters can build great designs with less effort than in the past.

If you are setting your clients up on wordpress, joomla or drupal you are cheating them out of what they need to run their business. Most of all, while using open source is cheap it is without support and website owners are not happy when they have no help.

Stop slumming and move to pageBuzz today!



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