Uploading A Custom Template

Unlike other site builders, ours is very open and flexible. We provide all the html and image sources for all of our templates and layouts so that anyone can modify any of the existing designs, add new features or change them in any way.

But we also allow anyone to upload fully custom templates that can be integrated into any website. This is popular with webmasters and designers that just want to build a design and let the customer manage their own websites.

With over 1000 examples to start from even the most unqualified webmaster can build custom designs using the pageBuzz system. But the advanced webmasters can shoot for the sky and dream big. With a truly dynamic site builder the templates can have dynamic colors, backgrounds and page elements.

Webmasters can build designs and integrate them into the sitebuilder giving their clients the ability to modify key elements of the website such as the title space, page menu and content areas.

There is no need to enlist the services of a webmaster to add a page to a website if the menu and content is fully integrated.

Website owners can change colors, edit pages, add pages, modify graphics, add photos and so on without compromising the overall design. Of course webmasters can limit the tools that can be used to modify a template and prevent changing fonts or colors if it will clash with the design elements.

Custom designs can be as simple as a titlespace added to a standard layout or as advanced as building a layout from scratch using css, javascript and html.

Many webmasters are intimidated by the features we have ad will steer customers to something simple like wordpress, but our customers are smarter than that and they don't want to leave us for a system that offers far less. so webmasters need to get on board and start developing the next generation of templates rather than relying on the same old static content.

Business owners want control of their websites and our solution is a middle of the road solution. You can stall have webmasters design and build pages but the business owner can edit them and mange the website after the work is done.

Many webmasters are still stuck in the 90's with old designs and the concept that business owners need them to update websites. But business owners are Internet savvy and they want more out of a website than just a few pages of static content.

That is why pageBuzz.com is quickly becoming one of the top development platforms for websites. Now out pacing wordpress, joomla and drupal combined.

Simple replacement strings are added to any webpage using the webmasters favorite WYSIWYG Editor.

Webmasters can use Frontpage, Dreamweaver, NVU, MS Publisher and others to build pages then just replace the dynamic elements of the pages with our replacement strings.

To accommodate the advanced webmasters and developers we have added classes and ids to many of the elements such as menus to allow custom css and scripting using the dynamic elements.

Menus can be formatted with spans, in list format and labeled. This lets anyone apply any level of css formatting to get exactly what they want.

Webmasters can also use the site builder tools to build in dynamic elements such as css menus and custom products pages.

The tools we offer for custom templates are well above average and make developing highend websites a breeze. That is, it is a breeze for high end webmasters.

As the tools become more complex getting down to the text files of css and html we weed out all the inexperienced designers and webmasters that don't know how to build pages. We have found that 90% of the self proclaimed webmasters are clueless when it comes to understanding what they are working on.

We don't want to judge anyone and learning these skills is not a simple task and we applaud anyone trying to do so. But if you plan on charging top dollar and want to develop a truly dynamic website with all the tools that customers need, you do not have any excuse not to use the pageBuzz system other than your own inability to develop on it.

We see countless webmasters telling our customers that they can't build websites on pageBuzz or that their design cannot be used on pageBuzz because we use templates or do not have the ability to upload their design using their program.

That is simply not true. Almost any design can be integrated into pageBuzz with a little effort. That means any business owner can use the tools we offer as long as their webmaster is willing to learn how to do it.

We offer 7 day a week phone support to assist webmasters in integrating templates into the sitebuilder. We have built the system from the ground up, so you can't get better help. If you truly wish to serve your clients pageBuzz offers more than any other sitebuilder and the tools to integrate any custom design imaginable.

The downside for webmasters is that they may have to do a little more work but the end user has a fully fluid design that can evolve as their business grows and they add website content.

Business owners know they can't skate buy with a 5 page website any longer. We offer the best alternative to let designers control design and owners control content.

For more details on how to build custom website templates read our full help page.



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