Website Button Builder

pageBuzz has the only button generator for online website building. A tool so powerful that it makes programs such as photoshop and MS Paint useless. Offering over 20,000 fonts, unlimited colors and over 3000 images.

A tool that can make new images with defined sizes and shapes. A tool that can use existing images and render colored text over the image. Features even beyond FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

A tool that has never been offered as part of an online website builder or as part of any website building system. You can generate new menu buttons in seconds after adding or renaming pages or when changing the entire website design. Normally you would need to build a new button and upload it to your website then adjust the html code to work with the new image. pageBuzz requires only one click to generate the entire series of menu buttons.

Buttons can be traditional push button style

Simple areas with a delicate border

large obnoxious buttons with borders and raised frames

stackable images making up a full picture

A limitless choice of options that makes choosing harder than actually making the images. You can get trapped in the web and keep adding effects to your buttons and never finish the website, so be careful.

You can even upload your own image and let the system make all the individual buttons for you. It is so slick you just wont believe it.

Shown right is the screen cap of the button builder. Simply choosing options and submitting will generate new button images. If you need to change the color by one shade, no problem, just adjust that color and submit.

You can see the interface is not very complicated and is easy to use. There are default setting to help you get started and make easy buttons. Also, many templates have preset images to use for the best look. But you are always able to use alternate images or make new ones.


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