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You will not find any other website builder that has a business card builder online with print from the website capabilities. We have gone way above and beyond what a typical sitebuilder should do. That is because our customers asked for it.

At pageBuzz, we know that a website is not enough. Our customers demand real business tools that not only help them build a website easily but assist them in running their businesses once the website is built. We continue to push the window and add more and more business tools to the web based sitebuilder.

Below is a screen capture of the business card builder interface. Once you have chosen a blank from the business card gallery you can customize it by creating text or image layers or uploading images and logos then dragging them over the blank card, sizing and saving in the format you want to print.

Layers shown on the right in the gray area can be dragged and positioned over the business card blank.

Layers are positioned over the card using the mouse. If a layer or logo is too large it can be resized to fit by simply clicking the corner and holding the shift key then dragging it to the correct size.

Once the card is the way you want it to be printed, choose a format and save. This will create a full size page ready to print with 10 to 12 cards depending on the selected format.

We have standardized the output file as a PDF (compatible with all computers) at 300 dpi for excellent print quality. Additionally, the size format is compatible with the standard business card printer paper available at any office supply store. Print one sheet or a whole box. It is a fast and simple way to have inexpensive custom business cards anytime you need them.

The card shown is black and white, however the card builder supports full color and many of the blanks provided have vibrant colors and images as backgrounds.

The custom business card is saved on your website for future printing at any time and from any place. You can print from any computer. So even when on the road at trade shows, fairs or events when you need to restock, just print and go!

Change your cards quickly and easily and have them on demand. Don't worry about expensive printing companies and minimum orders. Do it yourself and save money, time and maintain full control. No extra software or programs required, everything is included in the website.

The same tools can be used to customize hundreds of blank forms, invoices, letterhead, stationary all available in the forms gallery. Just choose a form and customize it the same way as the business card.

This lets you keep a great cohesive look for all your company's forms, receipts and advertisements without any extra expense.

If you are interested in trying the business card builder online, login to the demo and look under the "Manage Programs" section. The demo is fully functional and will let you build and print your own business cards. Just be aware that there may be several people in the demo at any time and anyone could delete or overwrite your work.



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