Used Car Dealer Content Management System

pageBuzz offers some very specialized tools for Used Car Dealers to manage vehicle inventory on their websites. Our experience in the automotive industry and running hundreds of automotive related websites along with hosting countless website for used car dealers for more than a decade gives us a unique perspective into managing used car dealer websites.

This unique and professional program has been developed over the last decade working with hundreds of independent car dealers.

Using simple forms to add cars and manage photos, car dealers can build professional looking websites without any knowledge of HTML or website building what so ever.

Easy to manage photo uploading and resizing. Click to delete or change images. Upload 25 pictures to each vehicle.
Fill in the form to create a detailed description for each vehicle.

You won't find any complex page building tools or the need to create complicated links from thumbnails to full size pictures. The CMS does all of it for you. Just write the description for the vehicle, select the year, make and model from the form and upload up to 25 photos of each vehicle.

The pages are automatically built on your website each time you add a new vehicle. Anyone can do it.

With car dealers moving sales people through the lobby almost as fast as the cars the sell, it is critical that anyone can mange the website without training or a steep learning curve. We have built tools that anyone can use without any training or experience. Tools that make the novice look like a professional webmaster.

We have employed standards for photo uploading and editing that are in line with, ebay motors and other vehicle sales platforms. This makes managing your website as easy as adding cars to other websites and does not over complicate an already complex process.

When you upload cars to ebay or the pages look great and it is very simple to do. Why shouldn't your website be that easy and look as professional? Now it can and for just $20 a month.

The best part of our car dealer system is that is included with any website and there are no extra fees just because you are a car dealer and can afford it. With our competition charging up to $1000.00 a month or more, our $20 per month price for an even more detailed and user friendly system is attractive to any car dealer.

With pageBuzz automotive tools it is just a point and click process to manage great looking automotive websites. Shown below are screen captures of some customers sites that we created for them based on what they told us to create for them.

For more details and samples see car dealer websites. The used car dealer package is available at no extra charge with every website hosting package of just $20 a month. Below are some basic sample sites show the galleries and some possible looks. is a simple design that showing standard galleries and a slideshow on the front page. is more updated, wider layout using a full image slideshow, video on the home page and a scolling inventory display. demonstrates an animated titlespace with multiple images as well as the basic dealer tools.

The car dealer CMS also provides advanced tools like the export. You can export a file of all the cars in your inventory and upload one file to to update all of your inventory and images in minutes.

The Craigslist auto posting tool helps car delars post detailed pages to craigslist in minutes saving valuable time and money.

Advanced webmasters can modify gallery HTML and get a look that anyone would be envyous of without writing complex programming code or installing software.

Weather you are a car dealer that needs a quick and inexpensive website or you want the Mother Of All Car Dealer Websites, you can build it here at with one of the only programs to manage vehicle inventory on your website. Or let us build it for you from top to bottom.

We can do it all for a fee or just help you with the graphics and page layouts at no extra charge.

We never charge for help and you can get us by phone 7 days a week. We will teach you how to use the tools, give advice and even buid pages for you if needed.

What will you charge me if I want the entire website built for me?

I can answer that with a line from the way back TV show Alice, by Mels Diner owner who said, "I don't charge for butter but if you come in and ask for 5 pounds of it I will ".

We do a lot for free, but if you need everything done, we would have to talk about what you need and how much time we have to spend on it. If it is just a couple of hours making graphics or fixing pages, we don't typically charge for that. If it is 10 or 20 hours, of course we have to feed our families also, so something would be charged in those cases.

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a used car website. We have more tools and experience in the market than most companies specializing in websites for car dealers. The big difference is our price.

Our website builder does not stop with tools for car dealers. You can develop detailed and comprehensive websites unlike our competitors automotive management systems. Since our CMS is built around ecommerce the tools you need to take your website to a new level are already part of the management system.

As a car dealer, you will not find a better website package for even 10 times our price.

Take a look at our demo and click on the car dealer management tools. You will see how to add vehicles, upload images and een edit pages or add youtube videos. And if you don't understand it, just call us, we wont bite, not usually anyway.




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