Mark's 2 cents on getting Mobile Websites

Do you think you need a mobile website?

Well think again.

Unless you have done something completely off the wall with your website if should work on almost all mobile devices.

Think about this for a minute.

When a customer spent hours on your website and then they go to show something to a friend or look up something while they are on the go.

Well, they last thing they want to see when they pull up your site, is a totally different website that does not even have what they were looking for.

So if you build a special website for mobile phones you will alienate your customers and confuse them.

Look, when I find something online and I go to a friends house and pull up that website on their computer, I expect it to be the same. If it was a different website I would be confused and honestly pissed off.

It just does not make sense that I would see something different on my cell than on my computer. Any more than I would see something different on one computer over another.

They both search the same google, they are both on the same Internet. So why are they seeing different things? Why are they showing me 2 different websites?

Can you imagine if customers needed to update their website on the go, and when they go to to do something from their phone, they are sent to a completely different website where they only get basic information and can't manage their website at all.

Hell, I would lose customers daily!

Sure back in the old days cell phones did not have touch screens and Internet browsers. So having something simple for the phone users was fine. But then again, nobody was using their phones to look up websites, so having a mobile site was a waste of time.

Guess what, it is still a waste of time, but for different reasons of course.

What you should have instead is a website that is not over cluttered, something simple and useful no matter what device the website is viewed on.

Stop listening to all the scammers trying to get you to pay for a mobile website. stop buying into the latest fad and spending money on something that is useless.

But more than useless, having mobile users sent to a different website will damage your business.

If you are paying someone for a mobile site, you are paying someone to destroy your business.

Be careful who you believe out there and before you do something stupid, use some common sense.

I know they have great sales pitches.

I have watched all their videos, I have done the research. Hey, maybe I missed something, maybe I am wrong.

I always spend hours doing research because I need to know if this is something I need for my business.

They are good at what they do, but don't be drawn in.

Me, I made nothing producing this video and giving you this advice.

Them on the other hand, stand to make thousands off of you.

You did not build a successful business by letting other people tell you what to do.

Of course you need make the best call for your business.

Just don't hurt your business because you bought before you thought.

And that is my 2 cents.




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