Compare our Site Builder with our Competitors

The best way for us to show you if our system is right for you is to list some of the other options you have. More than likely we are the only company that will list our competitor's site builder demos on our own website and when you try their demos you will see why they don't want you to compare theirs with ours.

We pride ourselves on having the most user friendly sitebuilder available. Yes it is simple in comparison, but how complicated does it need to be to type in some text and save the page. Check out some of these other demos and you will see how different all of the options are and what each offers.

The pageBuzz Site Builder Demo - Our website's builder demo with the shopping cart, program manager and page editor all bundled into one easy to use online interface. There are extensive programs included from car dealer lot manager to blogs, forums, calendars ect.

Godaddy - The most popular site builder and website hosting company as a result of massive marketing campaign which objectifies women and has men logging on to see Danika Patrick shower videos. Everyone has seen their superbowl commercial and they are a household name. They do have excellent live support however the site builder is a bit confusing for most people.

Quick Books / Intuit - The new go to site with a massive TV campaign trying to take a bite out of the Godaddy empire without the all boobs and sexual hype. Their introductory $4.99 looks great but make sure you add in the hidden costs for anything more than 5 pages.

1 & 1 Website Hosting - This company is huge with millions of users. They have an active TV campaign so you have probably seen their ads and wondered what it is all about. They make it look soooo easy! You can try their demo and see for yourself if it is all that they claim.

Shopify - Popular e-commerce site builder with plans from $25 to $700 a month! This might be out of many peoples budgets regardless of how good it may be. - A full flash website. It is quite simple to build a flash website using wix, but that is because the system is not very full featured and more of a pick a style and use it type deal. Probably the only flash system that the average user can build on. That also might be because flash has been abandoned by most developers for websites because it is not indexable by search engines.

Volusion - A popular but some what pricey e-commerce shopping system averaging around $100 a month for a website. - A long standing and reliable hosting company with a great history. They offer a very low entry price but beware of the extra fees for the shopping cart and other features.

Hostway - Hostway is a much larger company than we are and has a much more impressive site builder. Impressive does not always mean good. Take it for a test drive and see if it is right for you.

Homestead - I could not find an open demo on homestead but enough information on their demo page. You can signup for a free trial and try it out if you want to spend the time filling in the forms to sample their product.

Host Monster - When you log in you will see a very fancy interface, but good luck findng out how to edit a page or build a shopping cart. On the other hand if you want to buy more services they offer that on the very top of the management page so you can see it every day when you log in.

Yahoo - The yahoo sitebuilder is said to be the most downloaded web publishing system online. The key word being downloaded as yahoos sitebuilder requires you to download and install the software on your computer. This limits you to only being able to work on the website from one computer unless you copy all the files to another computer. If you do, when you make changes the 2 versions wont match. Its a potential mess but it does offer many advanced features.

PappaShop - This company is quite popular and has a loyal following of designers and users but I a quite sure if you try the demo you won't quickly become one of them. You can access their demo with username admin and password demo. They offer you a FREE shopping cart, unfortunately it is exactly that, a free cart provided by another company on another network.

Commercial Content Management Systems - These systems are used widely by many website hosting companies. If you use one, you will see it over and over at many companies.

Sitefinity - A commercial solution used by many windows based hosts. Very popular with the unlimited hosting platforms offering everything including the kitchen sick for a few bucks a month.

Site Studio - A very popular site builder specifically designed to make managing web pages easy and user friendly. You can judge for yourself if they met that challenge.

Plesk - One of the commercial control panels that allows advanced website administration.

cPanel - The most popular website management system. I don't really get it but maybe you will. You can modify apache handlers, install perl modules, change php settings and set up mySQL databases, all features our site builder does not have. The question is, do you know what they are and do you need them? Many people do, but the average user wont. cPannel is used by large hosts like hostgator and bluehost and many others.

We have tried to list the software companies rather than the actual website hosts because their sites are more reliable and less likely to close up. We have listed some of the bigger companies like godaddy, yahoo, homestead and hostway because we are pretty certain they will still be open next week. There are thousands of companies offering these products and a quick google search will get you to many of them. In our case, there is only one place you can use our software, here at

This list is in no way intended to discourage you from using or provide any reason why you would or would not use one product over another. In many ways our competitors have much more comprehensive programs and features. But the average user does not understand FTP or installing programs and managing directories full of pages, if they did, they would not need an online site builder.

If you have little or no experience then complicated and comprehensive site builders that require you to understand dns records and virtual host files just wont work for you.

If you need ftp access, the ability to install php scripts and comprehensive tools to redirect 404 and 505 errors then companies using the cPannel or Plesk systems are a great solution for you. But if you only need a website and you want someone else to worry about server configuration, uptime, installing modules and regular website backups then pageBuzz is the best option for you.

Clearly pageBuzz is focused on a different client than the other mega hosts. We are filling a void for the average user that does not want to learn html and web design or server administration. We do not market our services to webmasters or web developers as our simplified system does not meet their needs. But our business model of running enterprise class servers, closed access and simplified user interfaces makes our system superior is performance, security and reliability. Those are features that any business owner can understand.


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