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You will want to know how many people have come to your website and where they came from. Did they find you using Google? Bing? Yahoo? Did they just hear about you through the grapevine? Get an accurate measure of traffic, see what pages people are viewing and how they found them.

pageBuzz.com has extensive website statistics and graphs showing traffic trends by the hour, day or week, crawler activity, referral trends and even search engine page listings. For example if you appear on google page 1 for certain keywords you can find those details in the website stats.

Glance over graphs of traffic trends or read hard statistics, raw data numbers and draw your own conclusions about your advertising campaigns, marketing and website success. Website stats are one of the most important tools for managing any type of website. Our stats are complete and simplified so everyone ca n understand what is happening on their website.

Page Counters
Many new website owners want to have a page counter, but it is never a good idea to share how many people are actually using your website. Counters show visitors usage of a website, but webstats show much more and in more detail. pageBuzz does offer over 100 unique page counters if that is your thing, but the running stats will give you the same information.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
All of the pageBuzz programs are optimized for the search engines by maximizing page titles, description text, static over dynamic content and page link placement. In addition all websites have access to the search engine submission and optimization tools. Specify keywords and phrases you want to be found under and our programs will submit them for you automatically. pageBuzz hosted websites have some of the highest search engine visibility profiles of any websites online.




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