10 reasons why it is not a good idea to use "google analytics" on your website.

Over an over we get people that are looking to add google analytics to their website and over and over we tell them not to do that. So lets outline all of the reasons you should not use google analytics.

1. pageBuzz.com already provides excellent stats and having google track it will not add any value to your website or give you any details that you don't already have. In fact google has trouble tracking bots over real users because it is using javascript and cannot see the difference between automated and human traffic in most cases.

2. Because google analytics uses javascript it is not compatible with all users, so the stats tend to be inaccurate.

Not all browsers support javascript and many security systems block it, so the data is not accurate. What is the point of having partial data?

3. Google does not do this out of the kindness of their hearts. They get value out of tracking your users that they can aggregate and sell off to corporate clients.

So if you find a successful advertising method they will know where it is, how much it works and sell that information to your competitors.

If you want to share all of your customer information with your competition, then by all means add google analytics to your pages.

4. Having google analytics in your pages slows them down and can prevent pages from loading.

Any time you have code running on outside servers your pages now need those servers to respond as well as your server to load the page. This can cause slowdowns and over time will cost you customers that did not want to wait for the pages to load.

5. Having google analytics in your source code can drop you down in other search engines.

Do you think Bing and Yahoo want you at the top of their pages so google will know what their users are searching for? Of course not and that is why typically sites can drop significantly in those results after adding google analytics to their pages.

6. Users are often offended by tracking especially by the search engines.

"a suit was filed in US federal court demanding Google pay unspecified damages for violating the privacy of millions of people, and potentially national anti-wiretapping law"

People are well aware of how google violates their privacy and will often avoid sites that are associated or use google tracking programs. That means you lose potential customers. People take this seriously whether you know about it or not, they do and they will avoid your site.

7. Google shares data with authorities.

Did you know that google provides data to government agencies such as the CDC? If numbers of people search for a disease in a certain area they notify the cdc that there could be an outbreak. They claim they would never use it to identify an individual, but they could if need be.

So lets say your site sells a product that becomes popular with people that are involved in illegal activities. While those undesireable individuals surf your website, does that mean your website/business will get flagged by Homeland Security for investigation?

Don't think about it, search the net and see how the government is closing sites, ceasing domains and enforcing a reign of terror on small businesses.

Do you want your business data accessible by these agencies? It's probably nothing but is it really worth the risk?

8.Google will know what your website traffic is and that could affect your search rankings.

If google sees little or no activity on your website they can shift your search result pages for sites that have more users. So if you are trying to build traffic adding google analytics could have the reverse effect and actually cost you traffic and prevent any growth.

Google uses the data to help their search data, so knowing your site is not popular helps them move it from the results and improve their search results at your expense.

9. Google analytics is not your website and does not understand your website programming, only page accesses.

So it cannot break down how many accesses to your shopping cart or which products customers are viewing the most. The stats are base on generic websites and give no real relevant data pertaining to your own website. That is precisely why we have developed stats based on our programming to give the best possible data and show information and trends that google analytics could never provide.

10. Google is building a cult.

Google has been long criticized for tracking users, aggregating data from sites like you tube, search and gmail. Now with updated gmail links though tracking programs, google chrome users and google analytics they can track almost everything everyone is doing.

Do you want to support this "Big Brother" eye in the sky watching everyone including you and your users?

When will privacy mater again?

People are willing to give it up just for an opportunity to get ranked higher in the searches. Go ahead add google analytics to your pages, open your doors to Homeland Security and flush our privacy down the toilet. Maybe you will make an extra $10 this month with your website. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.


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