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pageBuzz is most likely the most powerful but still the most user friendly system available to small businesses. Despite our cartoon appearance and sense of simplicity, the system is quite extensive and offer amazing tools for webmasters and web developers.

Watch this short video message from Mark, the owner and developer of, to other webmasters and developers commiting his personal support when you use the pageBuzz CMS to build your customers websites.

Our shopping system is ranked up with the top contenders in e-commerce. We have 4 unique shopping carts to choose from. The page building also allows for customization that can only be done by advanced users, experienced webmasters and designers.

The system has been developed with the professional webmaster in mind. We have created advanced features that allow an experienced webmaster or designer to build a professional e-commerce enabled websites for their clients with ease. No need to fumble with PHP, CGI, ASP scripts and open source shopping cart programs. We provide all the programming while you modify the HTML and CSS and graphics.

Build all the pages and just have them populated with the dynamic data from the visitors database querries.

In the past, people were content with static websites that webmasters managed. But today, they want access and control and the ability to sell and manage their own websites. This is killing the need for webmasters but it shouldn't. More than one third of the customers hosted at pageBuzz ask for refferals to webmasters and designers to build templates or update the look of their websites.

While businesses do not need the typical daily page management, the need for experienced professionals is still very strong at least on our network.

pageBuzz offers designers a unique opportunity with a private labeled solution that allows webmasters to offer their clients the same tools we offer our own. Webmasters can build dazzling web 2.0 designs and then turn over the keys to the client while charging them for monthly hosting or other services. Or collect a $150 referral fee for bringing clients to the website hosting platform with or sales agents program.

Our popular Content Management System allows the independent webmasters to offer full programming and management solutions to their clients affordably without writing code or installing programs. The system even offers a general reseller system with no association to pageBuzz or our parent company.

If you are interested in our private labeled solutions, or reselling our services to your clients contact us for more details about available programs.

Web Developers & Webmasters Tools

As web developers ourselves, we have integrated tools to allow advanced webmasters to offer upscale designs and services to pageBuzz hosted websites. Our template driven system gives every small business the ability to have a professional designer build a custom design for them and upload it to their website.

See some details on building custom pageBuzz templates and download a sample to try it out on your own favorite HTML editor.

Many of the programs such as the shopping carts allow for custom HTML or CSS to format pages. We provide several click and go layouts for page styles but any professional webmaster can write custom HTML and CSS templates and have data formatted in any imaginable manner using simple replacement strings in the standard html files.

Every one of the templates and layouts provided allows full access to the HTML and CSS to edit any of the current designs. Without reinventing the wheel, webmasters can use our tools and make the HTML adjustments to make the design truely unique.

This type of data delivery is used by the professional commercial carts used by top retailers, but our system simplifies the process by separating the steps and having simple copy and paste forms for different functions. See how to modify our automotive dealer listing table.

Our average users will never be writing HTML or creating custom templates or tweaking the css menu files. They will never be employing the knowledge that webmasters have taken years to learn. So there is plenty of room on pageBuzz for the experienced webmaster to sell and offer advanced services.

Developing websites on lets you offer a great CMS, full programming and support while your customer has full management of their own website. You can even private label the hosting and collect your own website payments managing your own clients completely outside of the pageBuzz hosting system.

We are happy to work with developers to provide unique programs and options to meet their customers or their development requirements. We continue to add new programs and expand existing programs on a regular basis. If you need a special application or an application modified, let us know. We won't make any blind promises, but we can likely accommodate you with custom modifications to support your clients needs.

Our system is very unique and unlike any other Content Management System you will find. Ours is completely supported and we have programmers actively expanding our capabilities. That means you look better each day with your own customers as we add more features.

If you are looking for a solution to host one or more of your customers, give us a call and lets see if we can provide the tools you need in the manner you need them.

Advanced Webmaster Tools

Most webmasters and designers have a full toolbox of programs such as photoshop, dreamweaver, javascript and css editors and so on. When you use pagebuzz, many of those tools will become obsolete, at least for basic tasks.

With a full suite of image effects, composite text tools, image mapping, custom includes, slideshow builder, form builder, css menu builder, multi level menu builder and more. Even the most experienced webmaster will find many of the tools time saving and efficient rather than building on outside programs and uploading images and files.

What started in 2004 as a simple do it yourself website system has grown into one of the most flexible and comprehensive website development platforms and is now used by many top designers. When you explore the advanced tools and options you will quickly find a webmasters dream come true. Quick to use, comprehensive tools that make any other CMS seen trivial.

Unique Programs has developed several unique programs that are not available any place else online making our CMS one that is difficult to ignore. Programs like our used car dealer management, rental availability calendar, online classified and multiple shopping carts make the hosting decision much easier when we have the only program of it's kind short of writing one yourself.

We have one of the largest bases of used car dealers hosted at because we have simplified the process of managing inventory and updating the website and we have done it for under $20 a month. With the flair and professionalism a webmaster can take our data driven system and format amazing pages, galleries making their clients stand out above the rest and still deliver an easy to use management system that won't break the bank.

You won't find anything else like at any price. The best part about working with us is that we actually work with you to support your clients, provide tools and updates to keep up with new browsers and technology. If you are tired of being on your own with opensource programs that just don't work on unreliable website hosts, then try us out.



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