You just signed up for website hosting, you built a few pages and when you go to google, yahoo or bing, you can't find your website?

So what is up with that?

While I would love to tell you that when someone searches, the search engines go out and read the billions of pages online in a fraction of a second, calculate 100 different ranking parameters and and gives you the results in a snap.

But unfortunately that is not how it works.

To read all the pages on the Internet takes months, even years to get every last page, and even then a very high percentage of pages are never read.

Google has thousands of servers crawling websites 24 hours a day 7 days a week, trying to get all the information on every website.

They actually make copies of all the pages in a massive super network that is litteraly as big as the Internet itself.

Then they have to read all that information and break it down into keyword results, which can take months just for 1 single keyword for example "Jewelry".

So when someone searches for the word Jewelry, the resulting pages would have taken several months of preparation before they could be displayed on google.

Think of it like this. In the old days we had phone books, most of you will remember those.

If you set up a business today when would you appear in the phone book?

Not until the next time it is printed.


Because it takes time to set up the book, gather all the data and print the copies then deliver it to everyone that needs it.

Well, the search engines are the same.

If you go to a website, it takes maybe a few seconds for a page to load on your computer.

Well imagine if google had to search all those pages while you waited, you would be waiting for billions of seconds. Just to bring that into perspective, 1 billion seconds is about 31 years. Now that is a long time to wait for a search.

So they have to do all that months in advance so when you search, they already know the pages they are going to show you.

And that means you can't expect your website to show up in any significant results for many months and in most cases a year or more.

That is not to say google will not index or list your website. By using our tools you should be able to find your website in google within a couple of weeks or so after you initially built it. At least if someone searches for ""

That is important, because if you don't have anything on it when google comes and visits, then they wont have anything to list on their pages. Then you might be waiting longer to be listed.

Now to be considered for popular keywords like Jewelry, it will take much longer, because it takes that much longer for google to manage all the websites that have the word Jewelry in them rather than websites with the word "".

It is all very complicated and these search engines run datacenters the size of football stadiums packed with computers working 24 hours a day.

So you need to be patient and understand, you are one of billions of people all competing for that same space at the top of the search results.

But with the right pages, content and effort, you will see your share of search engine traffic and have great success with your website.

And that is my 2 cents.


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