Godaddy Competitors

It seems through all the superbowl hype and using Danica Patrick as a Godaddy girl the marketing of godaddy has served them very well. In fact, more people search for Godaddy than search for website hosting.

Now the brand that once was nothing is now synonymous with everything internet. It reminds me of the influx of ebay into the mainstream when in the Disney movie "Finding Nemo" when one of the fish in the tank proclaims he came from Ebay.

Now I don't think Disney will be using Godaddy Girls in their movies anytime soon but the website has taken on a life of its own, growing into the largest domain name provider in the world and has become a household word.

But what about companies like, a real competitor of Godaddy and their brand, how do we compete with such a huge company and get any business at all?

The fact is, we are not really competing for the same market.

Godaddy is a super mega host, they offer everything but they don't offer personal help like we do, they don't have the one on one interaction that a small company can provide.

When you call godaddy for help, they actually are truly amazing, very knowledgeable about what they have, how it works and they are very helpful, but when you call back an hour later you have a completely different person who has no idea what you did with the last support person you spoke with.

So now you find yourself trying to explain what you mean all over again each time you call.

Some people would like to talk to someone they know, get some personal help, someone that works with them all year to keep their website running and can make suggestion and help with improvements.

That is what we provide, a much more personal approach.

It is like buying a box of nails from the local 100 year old hardware store rather than Home Depot.

You know John is always helpful, can give you ideas about the right nails to use, other options and even special order something for you.

On the other hand, at Home Depot you go in to a huge store, dig out what you need and then walk over to a scanner and even check yourself out. You never had to interact with a live human, you never got the help or just an affirmation that you are using the right nails for the job.

With people not knowing much about the Internet companies like Godaddy fall short on giving people that personal attention and if you need it, you will have to pay extra for it.

They are more of a well oiled machine, like walmart, everything moves quickly, smoothly and efficiently. But sometimes, that is not what people are after. Sometimes they want to shop at the local hardware store or use a local small hosting company for their website.

But more than that, we offer different products.

  • Proprietary Software

  • Better Hardware

  • Personal Help

  • Specialized Niche Programs for Car dealers, Realtors, Property Managers

  • High Availability Hosting on All Websites

  • A place were customers feel like peole and not a client number

Our programs are developed around our customers, so they are more directed, more specific and more complete.

We have an amazing platform for used car dealer websites with the programming to quickly and easily manage vehicle inventory.

We have had many dealers come from Godaddy hosting and the godaddy support is trying to get them to use a general photo gallery program to show their cars and manually edit pages with descriptions and so on. It is a mess, dealers don't understand it and can't deal with it. So them come to us with an inexpensive solution that was built specifically for them.

The same is true of the Godaddy shopping cart, it is made to work over tens of thousands of websites and businesses, while our cart has many more specific tools making it easier to use and manage.

Large companies have webmasters and IT Professionals that can do work for them, so navigating complex tools is no problem.

Our customers are not IT Professionals and need simpler tools that do specifically what they need.

For example, we have an " Hours Of Operation Builder". A tool, that does nothing more than create a table of days and hours that a business is open.

My programmers laughed at me when I asked them to create it. They could not understand how anyone does not understand how to create a table in html and type in some times.

But the fact is, people don't know and it is one of the most popular tools we have. Because it is easy, they can update it any time and add it to a side menu or its own page.

It is our attention to our customers that separates us from our competitors like Godaddy,, Hostgator or Our knack for realizing where these mega hosting giants fall short, where they miss the needs of the non tech savvy people.

Because we work directly with our customers on a daily basis and also create the programming we can build what work for our customers and not something that we can market to millions of people on a superbowl commercial.

Because Joes Used Cars LLC does not need the same tools as Grandma's Crafts & More. They are very different and trying to get them to use the same software is not going to make it easy on either of them.

But by creating smaller tools, more options we can set up an online store for each that operates completely differently.

They don't need to hire a webmaster or pay $10,000 to get a website built. For just $20 they are up and running with something they can understand.

In fact our best customers are the ones that use Godaddy first and then move to our system, because they know how difficult it was to run a website at another host.

Now I would never say anything bad about Godaddy because I respect what they have done and they do an amazing job with what they have.

But we are not competing for the same customers and even if we were, the few customers we have compared to the millions they have would never impact them at all.

So while we are competitors of Godaddy it is sort of like the local hardware store being a competitor of the 2500 Walmart superstores accross the country.

That is what allows us to offer a truely unique product without worrying about losing our customers to compettors like Godaddy. They just can't offer what we can.


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