Adding Widgets to Your Website

Widgets? Yes, widgets.

What is a Widget?

We have basic widgets which are fun but not programing type functional features. Widgets are prewritten bits of code such as games, calculators and page effects. You might add a trailing tail on the cursor or a game of checkers. These widgets can make your website more fun and useful.

You are always free to add your own code to pages, but with a list of ready to go widgets you can copy and paste our simple inclusion codes and add these widgets to your pages.

If you are offering loan financing or selling cars, having a loan calculator is a useful tool for your visitors so all the users to determine what they can afford and how much they have to spend.

Of course games are fun and might not help a business application they can take the edge off of an otherwise dry website and create some diversity in your pages.

Widgets are not for everyone, but it is one more feature that is standard in the pageBuzz site builder See the full widgets help page for a complete list of web widgets.

Adding Widgets Can Entertain People

You could add a widget for pong style video game or a game of chess. These are fun and can entertain people when the visit your website.

We call the widgets because they really serve no purpose but they can be used to support other programs. For example, having a mortgage calculator is great for Realtors or car dealers.

Having fun video style games is great if you sell video games, just a neat feature to show off some interactive pages and content.

All of the widgets are javascript and we have preinstalled them in every website, so adding any of the hundreds of widgets is as simple as finding the widgets code and typing it into any page in the location you want the widget to appear.

Of course you can install your own widgets as well using the custom includes feature under the page property tools in the website management console.

Widgets Are Dated and Less Used

We don't see many people using these anymore. It used to be fun to change someone cursor to stars or a smiley face or add a trail behind the mouse movement.

But it seems websites have become more serious today, less gimmicky and more to the point.

Still, we have a huge library of widget ready to use should anyone want them.

Maybe we have all gown out of it, maybe we just have less time trying to make ends meet, but it always seems like there should be time to sit down and ply a game of checkers, chess or solitaire.

If you can find a use for the widgets that would be nice. You might find some dust on them but with a little care, that can have a place on your website.



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