Do You Need Help Selling Online?

What you need to know.

Selling online in not much different than selling in a retail store, however, many people assume both are simple and if you build a store or a website people will show up and buy from you. That could not be further from the truth. You will need to advertise and that will require many components to have success.

  • Social Networking

  • Online Advertising

  • Affiliate Programs

  • SEO

  • Site Branding

  • Banner & Text Advertising

  • Sister Sites and Traffic Gateways

  • Customer Management

  • Cross Selling

We are clearly experts in this field and will work with you to help you understand selling online and building your business and brand over time.

We have developed one of the most comprehensive shopping systems online and we know how to use it. We have developed the components to run affiliate programs, cross sell products, run sales and promotional discounts and all the features you need to keep customers engaged.

Affiliate Marketing: We have experience in affiliate marketing and have generated million and millions in sales online and worked with thousands merchants and the end users of their online stores.

We always try to tell the newbies, don't second guess the shopping carts. We spent years developing and learning what worked best, we learned the hard way, through trial and error. So take the benefit of what we learned and use it as is without making drastic changes before you even sell your first product online.

We have more online sales experience than probably anyone else having built our first online stores back in 1997 and running as a credit card processing service since 1998.

When you need help selling online, we have the knowledge and experience you are looking for. We can give you advice or create a complete sales campaign.

We can set you up with affiliate marketing programs that you can run yourself or outsource them to experts.

Online Advertising: We can create advertising campaigns and do market research to create the best ads and media presentations.

We can promote your products or show you how to do it yourself.

The point is, having a team with our experience at your disposal is priceless. But for you, it is under $20 a month.

Of course, like everything else, we are happy to advise and help, but if you need someone to manage a campaign, we will have to come up with a plan, a budget and work out the details on an individual basis.

Site Branding: Most people think it is as easy as open a store and 10 minutes later people show up and start buying. But in fact most stores take years to get to the level of sales that makes a reasonable profit and have a brand that people recognize.

No website or store will be an instant success. Even buying expensive space in a busy shopping mall will not guarantee any level of sales, so building a customer base through branding and advertising is the only way to grow a solid base.

Cross Selling: When we talk about Cross Selling there are several different options. Cross promotions with other retailers and cross promotions with your own products.

Using someone else's success is a great way to launch your business. Allow them to give out discount coupons to their customers or free promotional items. For example, if you sell cheese burgers, allow other retailers in your area to give out coupons for a FREE Cheeseburger at your store. Their customers now have a reason to come to your place for lunch and it only cost you a couple of dollars in advertising. The other retailer was able to give their customers a bonus, so everyone is happy.

Then another component of cross selling is asking that customer if they want Fries and a Coke with that FREE cheeseburger.

This can be done just as easily online by suggesting other product that they might want or what other people bought along with the item they are buying. Reminding them that if they buy eggs, they might need butter or bread to make toast.

There is a real science to all of this and it gets even more complicated as more and more data is gathered about online shoppers and what they are looking for. The competition is fierce and getting even a small piece is not an easy task, but with our help you will never be alone.

We are experts in selling online and can work with you advising you what to do or doing it for you.


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