Do you have 100% trust in your webmaster?

If you do, you probably need your head examined.

As the business owner, you are the only person that can make critical decisions that impact your business.

I am sure you don't just willy nilly let anyone decide how to run your business.

But when you turn over your website to a webmaster, give no feedback and ask no questions, well you just gave that webmaster control of your business.

First lets talk about the modern webmaster.

Websites have become increasingly more complex, however managing them has become easier and easier because of great tools being developed by companies like ours.

So while webmasters in the past needed to know HTML and scripting languages, now they only need to know how to drag and drop pictures into a page and the software does the rest.

So the skill set of the modern webmaster has changed. Most are graphics designers or have artistic experience giving them an eye for design.

But what webmasters are not, is business owners. And even if they do run a webmaster business, it is nothing like your business.

So when they design a website, they have one goal in mind, to WOW the visitors. To make you say, that LOOKS Amazing!

But you know, just because something looks great doesn't mean it works well, or that it even works at all.

Designers are artists.

And while I love art just as much as the next guy, artists have one obligation, to create art.

They don't have to worry about fiscal projections, market trends, customer support, inventory management or other things you deal with daily.

So when they build a website, their primary goal is to make it look great.

If that means using a huge image in the background with floating text that blends into the picture as you scroll down the page, so be it.

They want your Art, I mean website, to be different, special and unique.

Unfortunately they tend to ignore the not so fun stuff, like how long will it take your customer to download the page on their iphone or other wifi connection?

Will the page be visible to the 10% of the people with Macintosh computers.

Is the page easy to read when someone is outside in sunlight using a tablet or ipad.

Does the website have the information that your customers need? And even if they think it does, what do they know about your business?

Does your website convey your message, does it interest your customer base or are they just engaged in the amazing design and missing what it is that you offer?

Now, companies like Coca Cola spend millions of dollars on focus groups, market research and business analysts combing through customer data to build demographic profiles.

That is all before planning the look of their website, or a TV commercial, or an add campaign, or anything else that is seen by anyone.


Because the wrong impression can cost them their business. One wrong move can destroy everything they spent years building.

And there is no place more impactful on a business today, than the company's website.

Now, you and I as small business owners, we know our market.

Because we talk to our customers every day, we work with them, we get all the compliments and complaints.

So we usually know what to do without all that market research.

But does your webmaster?

Does the webmaster know what you know about your business?

Of course not.

So as the business owner, you need to be involved in your website. Ask the right questions, do research and understand what the wrong design can do to your business.

That whole attitude about, I am website illiterate and I don't know anything about this stuff.

Well burying your head in the sand just doesn't work in the modern age.

Because your customers will just go someplace else, they know your competitor is only one click away.

Making one mistake on your website can destroy everything you built.

So don't hand over the future of your business to a webmaster and assume that they know more than you do about your own business.

If you use a webmaster to design your website, make sure you stay involved in the process, make sure you get your vision on the pages and not necessarily theirs.

And that is my 2 cents.


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