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We constantly try to explain the difference between pageBuzz and regular web hosting. Since most people just don't understand the technical side of websites, it gets lost someplace between the dns and the www.

The truth is, the industry trys to make it more complicated than it really is, that way people feel like they need a website hosting service with a big brand name. The reality is that website hosting is nothing more than creating a folder on a web accessible computer and letting someone upload files to it.

Anyone can make a new folder or directory on their computer, that is what a web host does and then they assign the permissions to your username and give you access. When you upload files it is the same as adding files to a folder on your own computer, but with a web server, anyone can access those files.

Simple right?

OK, it is a bit more complicated as to how connections are made, security, bandwidth and domain direction, but that is what the hosting service does and not really the site owners concern. But it is also not something that you need a big name like yahoo to manage. There are many companies with qualified system administrators.

Now, lets look at pageBuzz as a website host. We do not offer the same type of service, since most companies offer nothing more than an empty folder on their server, it is up to you to upload everything you need on the website. that includes programs, shopping carts, databases and so on.

Well, most us of can type a page and add some pictures, but how is anyone going to learn how to write computer code, compile it into a binary executable and install it on the web server? And is that really necessary to run a simple website to sell products.

Actually it is. HTML is a static language and while great to display text and pictures it ends there. If you want the website to collect data, charge credit cards or manage customers then you need programming that will have direct access to the server's CPU and permissions to write to and access space on the server.

This is where pageBuzz is different than any other hosting company. Our websites already have all the programing compiled and working in your website. The programming actually runs your website and gives you the ability to run complicated programs, a web store, forum and many other interactive applications.

Rather than you learning how to use FTP, SSH and command line functions, our system runs from a regular web browser such as IE, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Anyone can follow simple instructions to upload photos of products, build pages, run forums, run a classified and collect credit cards for any number of products or services.

It is the suite of programs and the way those programs work that makes pageBuzz different than other hosts. pageBuzz is not just an empty folder on a webserver, it is a website management system, content and webhost all in one.

When people signup at pageBuzz, they get a working website with a home page, a contact page, guestbook and a working store with a sample product and already configured to start selling. In 15 minutes you can have your products online and start selling.

Of course it will take some time to build more pages, add all of your inventory and promote the website to all of your potential clients. But done in steps and in your spare time, you wont have to learn how to build a shopping cart or how to install processing modules. If fact, you can't install anything in pageBuzz because all the programming is integrated into the page building system.

I guess a better way to describe the system is it being more like running an ebay prostore than running a website where you have to manage all of your own programming.

One big advantage of a self contained software system rather than standard web space is that the system is supported so you can get help on any of the programs offered. If you have your own program, you have to support yourself and when it comes to CGI, PHP, ASP or C++ I am guessing the average person is lacking in any real experience.

With pageBuzz, rather than learning how to make hash values and format arrays into SQL queries you simply point and click your way to a working web store. You don't have access to the coding of the binary executables and my guess is that you don't want it.

If you buy a cell phone, you want to type in a number and speak to the person at the other end. Chances are you don't want to go to Radio Shack and but the components, a soldering iron and the tools to build a cell phone. You don't want a kit with all the parts that you have to assemble based on a schematic drawing. You want a working phone that you can add your numbers to, change the ring tone and have a useful tool.

That is what pageBuzz is about. Rather than building your own cell phone, you get the finished product. You add your own text and products, choose your own options and add your own unique style.

We always say that it has to be easy enough that even "grown ups can do it". With pageBuzz, building a website is as easy as using a website. No fancy tools to install, no worries about complex programming or backing up SQL databases.

Despite the ease of use, the system still out performs most other options. Since it is not a shared hosting system but more like one big website such as ebay or the administrators can manage performance, make global updates and improvements that you just don't get when you run your own programs.

Of course at $20 a month, pageBuzz cannot offer large corporations or mega sites unlimited resources. All the programs have limits to insure that no single user becomes a resource hog and takes down all of the websites on a single server which is one of the primary headaches with all shared hosting systems.


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